If there’s only one piece of advice you should ever take from me, it’s that saving money is never a bad idea. Think about it: Do you really need that $8 coffee every morning? What about that $16 sandwich at lunch? I know, these are tough decisions — because buying things that bring you joy is, well, joyful. And if you can’t see yourself functioning without making at least a few enjoyable purchases each day, then make sure to check out all the cheap stuff on Amazon that you can buy.

Why Amazon? For one thing, the company makes it easy to save money. Not only does it feature hundreds of retailers — but most of the time, it even has cheaper options than department stores. It’s also pretty easy to avoid junk while you shop (just check the reviews). Any product that has thousands of four- and five-star reviews is likely to be dank — and if you do your due diligence, you can make sure it’s cheap as hell, too.

But why waste all your time scrolling online? Just check out all the genius Amazon products I’ve gathered for you here. My personal favorite is fridge deodorizer that’s shaped like a penguin; what’s not to love?


This Shower Towel That Exfoliates Your Skin

No matter where you’ve got dry patches, this towel can help exfoliate all over so that your skin is left feeling soft and refreshed. It produces the same rich lather that cotton towels make, and one reviewer even raved, “It feels rough out of the package but when you wet it and actually use it, you will be surprised. Leaves you feeling squeaky clean.”


This Hot Tool That Gives You Bouncy, Beachy Waves

You don’t need to spend a day by the ocean to get beachy waves — just fire up this hot tool. The tourmaline ceramic plates help tame unwanted frizz while infusing shine, and the head is adjustable up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Dual voltage allows you to use it worldwide, and the auto shut-off feature keep is useful for forgetful minds.


A Wine Tumbler With A Smooth Ceramic Interior

You don’t have to worry about any metal aftertastes when you’re drinking from this wine tumbler, as the inside is coated with three layers of smooth, tasteless ceramic. The outer walls are made from chic stainless steel, and you’re not limited to just wine — it’s also great for hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and more.


A Wand That Filters Out Histamines From Your Wine

Apparently, the histamines found in wine can cause headaches — but you can try to prevent them by using this filter before you start sipping. It filters out all those impurities (including sulfites) without changing the flavor of your wine, and it’s the perfect size to keep in your bag when you’re on the go.


The Jar Lid With A Built-In Spreading Knife

Why dirty up a knife when you could just use the spreader built into this lid? Simply replace your current peanut butter lid with this one, and it’ll be ready to save yourself some mess whenever you need a quick snack.


A Kit That Comes With Everything You Need To Hang A Frame

Ensuring that all your picture frames are even is as easy as grabbing this kit. Not only does it come with more than 85 nails and hangers, but the built-in level makes it easy to double-check that everything looks straight.


This Flexible Plunger Made With A Stainless Steel Handle

Whereas many traditional plungers only push at clogs, this plunger digs down deep to loosen up stubborn debris. It’s made with a flexible head and a rustproof, stainless steel handle to keep it looking nice no matter how long you’ve had it. Plus, each order also comes with a holder caddy.


A Suction Cup Stopper That Works On Any Type Of Drain

Plug up your sink with this stopper, or even put it in your bathtub for a relaxing soak after a long day. The bright blue shade adds a cool pop of color to your tub, and the built-in suction cup ensures that it stays put while you bathe.


The Handheld Shower Head For Your Pets

You don’t have to fill up a messy bath for your pet; just give them a wash using this handheld pet shower head. It slips onto your shower head in just a few seconds, and the hose is 5 feet long so that it’s easy to maneuver all over your bathroom.


A Glue That Turns Into Hard Silicone

It’s never a bad idea to keep a pack of this moldable glue on hand — especially if you prefer cheap home repairs over calling a handyman. It’s so strong that it can hold up to 4.4 pounds — and it’ll adhere to glass, ceramics, wood, and more. But the best part? It’s also waterproof as well as heat- and cold-resistant.


An LED Light Bulb That’s Compatible With Alexa For Voice Commands

Pair this smart LED light bulb with Alexa or Google Assistant, and you’ll be able to control it using voice commands. There’s no smart hub required, and the downloadable app lets you set schedules so that it’s on when you come home.


The Smart Light Switch You Can Pair With Your Phone

Once you’ve paired this smart light switch with your phone, you’ll be able to turn it on and off no matter how far away you are (as long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi). It’s also compatible with Alexa in case you’d like to use voice commands, and many reviewers wrote about how it’s “easy to install.”


A Protective Pie Crust Shield That’s Adjustable

You don’t need to buy multiple pie crust shields in varying sizes; just grab this adjustable one. It’s BPA-free as well as heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which means you can easily put it into the oven or microwave without worrying about it melting.


This Hard Glasses Case That’s Weather-Resistant

Want to make sure your glasses don’t get dinged up? Just grab this hard-style case. It’s weather-resistant to keep your spectacles high and dry in the rain, and it’s designed to fit nearly any pair of glasses. Each order also comes with a cleaning cloth made from soft microfiber.


A Safety Guard For Hammering Nails

Few things will ruin your mood as quickly as hurting your fingers with a hammer, so why not keep your digits protected with this guard? The one-size-fits-all finger straps are adjustable, and the strong neodymium magnets on the inside keep your nail held in place as you whack away.


The LED Strip Lights That Are Battery-Operated

Don’t want to mess with complicated wires? Just pop these LED strips under cabinets, over workbenches, or anywhere that could use a little light. Each one only requires three AA batteries, and reviewers found that you can trim the strips to fit your spaces.


A Strap That Helps You Keep Track Of Your Keys

Made from soft silicone that shouldn’t chafe your skin, this strap lets you loop your keys onto water bottles, bags, and even your arm. The micro-lock holds up to three keys — and if you’re not a fan of yellow, you also have the option of blue or charcoal.


This Mood Lamp With More Than 15 Million Colors To Choose From

Whether you’re feeling blue, red, or somewhere in the middle, you’ll be able to find a color in this mood lamp that suits your emotions. There are more than 15 million shades to choose from, and the free downloadable app lets you switch around without having to get up.


A Tiny Flashlight That Stands On Its Own

Attach this flashlight to your belt, or even let the flexible legs stand on their own while you tackle DIY projects. You can also wrap the legs around poles (depending on the task), and it comes in various color choices.


These Smart Plugs You Can Use On Lights, Air Conditioners, & More

Just plug your devices into these smart plugs, and you’ll be able to control them remotely using the free downloadable app that comes with every order. Installation is as simple as plugging them in and synching them with your home’s Wi-Fi. But the best part is that they’re also compatible with Google Home as well as Alexa.


A Smartphone Tripod Made From Heavy-Duty Aluminum

You won’t have to worry about this smartphone tripod snapping, as it’s made from heavy-duty aluminum that shouldn’t break no matter how far you extend it out. Each order comes with a wireless remote so you can take photos without having to race against a timer — no downloadable app necessary.


The Silky Pillowcases Made From Hair-Friendly Satin

Tired of waking up to frizzy bedhead? These pillowcases are made from soft, silky satin that creates less friction (and therefore frizz) against your mane than regular cotton. They’re also stain-resistant, and come in dozens of rich shades to match your sheets.


A Gadget That Whips Up Frothy Milk For Homemade Lattes

Looking for an easy way to upgrade your morning coffee? This frother whips up delicious, frothy milk that turns any cup of coffee into an indulgent experience. It runs at an ultra-silent level so that you can use it at the office, and it only requires two AA batteries (which are not included.)


This Cute Deodorizer That Freshens Up Your Fridge

Just fill this cute little penguin with baking soda and then pop it into your fridge to get rid of any unwanted odors. There are zero gels, beads, or disposable filters required, and he takes up hardly any space at all — even if you stick him on a shelf.


A Coffee Scoop With A Built-In Funnel

Tired of cleaning up coffee grounds after every brew? Then start scooping your grounds out using this pre-portioned spoon. It’s the perfect size for single-serve capsules, and the built-in funnel prevents grounds from spilling out when you pour.


The Coffee Maker That’s Perfect For Cold Brew

Regular drip coffee machines aren’t great for cold brew, whereas this pour-over model delivers rich, flavorful coffee without the need for disposable filters. The borosilicate glass is heat-resistant, and it’s large enough to make up to 8 cups of coffee.


This Phone Mount That Fits In Your Cupholder

Need a place to stash your phone while you’re driving? This holder fits into your cupholder so that you can easily follow GPS, stream music, and more. It’s designed to work with any type of smartphone, and the flexible gooseneck makes it easy to adjust the viewing angle.


A Strainer That Takes Up Almost Zero Space

Just slap one of these strainers up against your pot, and then tip it over to drain away all that excess water. They take up hardly any storage space compared to regular strainers, and both pieces are made from stainless steel. Use them with any pot or pan up to 10 inches in diameter.


The Bag That Helps Extend The Life Of Your Soap

Bars of soap quickly become squishy messes if left alone in the shower, so why not keep them in these bags? They help prolong the life of your bars, and each order comes with five — enough for each bar of soap in your home (and then some.)


A Pair Of Gap Covers To Keep Your Stove Area Clean

Admit it — that little gap between your stove and countertop hardly ever gets cleaned, right? In that case, you’ll definitely want to grab these silicone covers. Just pop one over that gap, and it’ll stop food from dripping down the sides of your stove.


This Reading Light That Clips Onto Your Book

Don’t strain your eyes to read in the dark — just clip this book light onto your pages. The battery is rechargeable via USB, and the flexible gooseneck means you can easily point it in any direction you like. It’s available in black or white.


A Cleansing Balm That Gently Removes Makeup

Formulated without any parabens or sulfates, this balm cleanses your pores as it removes a full day of makeup. The added vitamin E and C leave your complexion glowing — and many reviewers raved about how it even gets rid of waterproof makeup.


These Drawer Liners That Help Keep Veggies Fresh

Tired of seeing your greens go bad before you’ve had a chance to eat them? These liners absorb excess moisture to help keep them fresh. They’re completely BPA-free, and you can easily trim them to fit your drawers — no matter how narrow they are.


A Pack Of Snakes That Power Through Drain Clogs

I’m always wary about pouring harsh chemicals down my drain, which is why I keep a pack of snakes like these ones around — just in case. The spines on the sides latch onto stubborn debris to jostle it loose, and they’re designed to work in any type of drain, no matter how big or small.


This Clip That Helps You Trim Your Hair

It doesn’t matter whether your hair is curly, straight, or somewhere in-between — this clip can help you give yourself a trim when you can’t make it to the salon. And if it looks a little familiar, that’s probably because you saw Lori Greiner make a deal with the creator on Shark Tank.


A Serum That Buffs Scratches Off Your Car

As someone who has more dings on her car than she cares to admit, a scratch remover like this one is a must-have if you’re too cheap for a new paint job. It’s suitable for use on any color paint, and each order comes with a car-safe scrubber to buff away unsightly scratches.


The Socket That Works On Nearly Any Type Of Nuts & Bolts

With steel rods on the inside that adjust to fit a variety of nuts and bolts, this socket is an easy way to downsize an overflowing tool collection. It’s perfect for everything from DIY projects to car repairs. Plus, it’ll even work on stripped bolts.


A Set Of Cable Clips To Keep Your Wires Tidy

With strong magnets on either end of these clips, it’s easier than ever to keep your charging cables, headphones, or any other wire looking tidy. They’re made from soft silicone that won’t put any wear on your cables, and they’re even dust-repellent.


These Markers That Hide Scuffs & Dings On Wooden Furniture

With shades like oak, maple, cherry, walnut, and more, these markers and crayons make it easy to hide scratches on wooden furniture. The markers are permanent so you don’t have to worry about them washing off, and one reviewer even raved that “my wife commented that she can’t even tell there was damage.”


A Liner That Helps Keep Your Oven Clean

Don’t let food drippings fall to the floor of your oven — keep it clean with this protective liner. It’s made from non-stick PTFE that’s heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and it easily wipes clean with a damp cloth when dirty.


The Smartphone Holder That Sticks To Your Dashboard

Prefer to keep your phone on the dashboard instead of in a cupholder? This mount not only adjusts to fit any type of smartphone, but it also stays firmly secured to your dash (no matter how many bumps you hit on the road).


These Plush Headphones That Double As An Eye Mask

Most headphones are too bulky to wear comfortably to bed — but not these ones. They also double as a sleep mask to help you drift off to sleep, and the rechargeable battery lasts for more than eight hours.


This Wristband That Holds Your Phone While You Hike

Hiking, running, lifting — no matter what you like to do to stay active, this wristband will keep your phone safe and out of the way. It’s designed to work with nearly any brand of smartphone, and you can even rotate your phone 180 degrees so that it’s easy to read while you’re moving.


An Ab Roller To Help You Get Toned Right At Home

You don’t need to head to the gym to tone your abs — just use this roller in the comfort of your own home. Each order also comes with a soft pad to keep your knees comfortable, and there’s even a bonus resistance band to add difficulty once you’ve built up some muscle.


These Gloves That Help Protect Your Hands While You Work

If you have a habit of nicking yourself when handling knives, these gloves are convenient. They’re flexible so that you don’t sacrifice dexterity for protection, and the palms are even waterproof for added durability — great for DIY projects, preparing meals, and more.


A Leather Key Holder That’s Stylish & Compact

Need somewhere to keep your keys? This stylish one is the perfect size to keep in your bag. It’s able to hold up to eight keys, and the top-grain leather combined with the stainless steel bolt gives it a classy appearance that makes it stand apart from the crowd.


The Grippers That Keep Your Hands Cool From Hot Bowls

Don’t burn yourself grabbing hot things out of the microwave — just use these grippers to keep your hands cool. They’re made from durable polyester, and you can even use them as trivets in a pinch. Each order comes with four.


A Pack Of Oven Rack Protectors That Are BPA-Free

Just slip these protectors onto your racks, and they’ll keep your arms and hands guarded from accidental burns when you reach into the oven. They’re made from BPA-free silicone that’s heat-resistant up to 445 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, you can even trim them to fit into toaster ovens.


This Foot Rest That Rocks For Added Comfort

Sometimes, angling your feet a certain way just feels more comfortable — so on days like those, break out this rocking foot rest. The rounded bottom makes it easy to adjust how your feet are angled, and it’s filled with soft memory foam that contours to your feet.


These Magnetic Eyelashes That Are Simple To Apply

No messy glues are required to put these fake eyelashes on — just use the included magnetic eyeliner, and the lashes will instantly stick to your lids without any fuss. Each order comes with six pairs of mink lashes, and the liner is even waterproof.


These Personal Alarms For Your Emergency Kit

Keep one of these personal alarms in a first aid kit, or even loop it onto your keyring in case you ever need to be located in an emergency. It emits a sound that can alert people to where you are from up to 600 feet away, and the battery is even rechargeable via USB.


A Tongue Scraper Made From Medical-Grade Stainless Steel

When toothpaste and mouthwash aren’t enough, it’s likely time to break out this tongue scraper. Made from medical-grade stainless steel, it gets your tongue extra-clean as it glides smoothly from back to front. It’s rustproof and smoother than plastic scrapers — and the extra-wide head is large enough for any tongue.


The Pore Vacuum For Stubborn Blackheads

When peels and serums won’t get rid of your blackheads, this pore vacuum will likely get the job done. The suction is adjustable depending on how stubborn your blemish is (up to five levels), and each order comes with four interchangeable vacuum heads.


A Body Brush That Leaves Your Skin Glowing

Exfoliate away old skin while stimulating blood circulation with this body brush. The canvas strap on the back helps you keep a firm grip, and the build-in nodes offer a massage while you wash. Plus, many reviewers found that it works well no matter whether it’s dry or wet.


This Food Slicer That Catches Veggie Pieces As You Go

Why waste time chopping up veggies when you could just use this slicer? The interchangeable blades are made from stainless steel, and each order comes with six that let you cut ribbons, noodles, and more. It’s made from ABS plastic, and it’s also BPA-free.


A Motivational Water Bottle That Reminds You To Drink

It’s always important to stay hydrated throughout the day, and this water bottle keeps you motivated with fun timestamps printed along its body. It’s able to hold up to 1 full gallon of water, and there are tons of fun colors to choose from: blue, purple, green, and more.


The Body Balm That Prevents Uncomfortable Chafing

Do you have uncomfortable chafe between your legs? Just give any irritated areas of skin a few swipes of this balm. Application is way smoother (and cleaner) than using creams or powders, and it lets your skin breathe so that your pores don’t clog. It’s made from plant-derived ingredients, and it’s even vegan.


A Pack Of Puck Lights With Built-In Motion Sensors

Slap one of these puck lights anywhere in your home to add some quick illumination: closets, workbenches, cabinets, and more. The built-in motion sensors mean they’ll turn on and off automatically, and the included adhesives makes installation a breeze.


These Acne Patches That Help Heal Unwanted Blemishes

Do you have a stray pimple that’s popped up? Just cover it with one of these patches. Each one is laced with hydrocolloid dressing to help absorb it — and since they’re larger than many other acne patches, they can cover multiple blemishes at once.


This Detangling Spray That Conditions Your Strands

Formulated without synthetic fragrances, this detangling spray conditions your strands using a blend of shea butter, argan oil, and jojoba protein. Quinoa extract leaves your hair feeling extra-soft, and the vanilla scent is absolutely adored by reviewers.


A Bath Mat That Comes In Dozens Of Colors

Not only does it come in too many colors to list, but this bath mat is also backed with the Gorilla Grip-brand non-slip bottom. The high-pile cushions and dries off wet feet as you step out of the shower, and hundreds of reviewers wrote about how it’s “soft and absorbent.”


The Soy Wax Candle That Comes In Dozens Of Scents

Soy wax produces less soot than paraffin, which means this candle is gentle on the environment compared to others. The packaging is 100% recyclable — but the best part is that you get to choose from scents like candy cane, fall honey, fresh spring grass, coffee shop, and more.


This LED Light That Helps You Find Your Keys

Not only do the included batteries last for up to 20 hours, but this LED light makes it easy to find your keys in a deep, dark bag. You can also stick it on your pet’s collar when they’re out at night, and each order comes with a stainless steel carabiner so it’s easy to stick anywhere.

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