A baby’s first birthday is a huge milestone. Of course, a celebration is in order. Whether you want a big birthday function for family and friends, prefer to keep it small, or need to host an online get-together because of distance issues, there are adorable ways to dress up the home, yard or even a designated party room to mark the festive occasion with baby birthday decorations to make the day extra special.

A fun birthday decor can set the tone for your baby’s noteworthy day, and the key to baby birthday decorations is to keep them simple, colorful, and fun. Babies aren’t necessarily going to notice a huge happy birthday sign stretched across the patio door but will get a huge kick out of an arch fashioned from balloons. Try and balance the decorations with a couple of interactive areas with toys, a hands-on activity, or books to fit the birthday theme.

Primary colors

Red, yellow, and blue are the three primary colors. Using them for your baby’s birthday decor is a straightforward, colorful way to brighten up the house for the big day. Plastic table coverings are an ideal choice because they handle spills better and make for a quick cleanup. Cover up the kitchen and dining room table with a primary colored tablecloth and tie yellow, red, and blue balloons on chairs using a pattern.

Using red, yellow, and blue construction paper, spell out your child’s name with one letter on each piece. Hang on the patio door or wall with a big number one. Pair the decorations with primary-colored plates, cups, and napkins. Outside you can set up a kiddie pool with primary-colored balls and a painting or drawing station using red, blue, and yellow.

Seasonal colors

Another light decorating style that is effortless for your baby’s first birthday is to dress up the home in seasonal colors depending on the time of year their birthday falls. Like the primary-color decor, decorate the party room or kitchen in red, yellow, and orange for fall, white and navy for winter, and neon colors for spring and summer. If you are doing a virtual birthday celebration, let family or friends know ahead of time so they can use the birthday colors in their background.

Quack, quack

Go ducky with a rubber duck decor for your baby’s first birthday celebration. Get yellow table coverings, plates, napkins, and cups or go online and go duck crazy with an assortment of rubber duck-themed party decorations. The topper for a rubber ducky birthday is to get bags of adorable rubber ducks. Fill the kiddie pool with rubber ducks or hide them around the house and have a rubber duck hunt. Put a bunch of ducks aside and put them into the bathtub for a special birthday bath time. Guests leave with the rubber duck of their choice.

Baby boy surrounded by balloons on first birthday
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Up, up, and away

Like ducks, balloons are super fun and a baby favorite. If you have pets, a balloon decor may not be the best pick, but if the household is pet-free, go balloon wild. Create a DIY balloon arch, garland, and table runner to get the house ready for a day of balloon birthday fun. Make a balloon lake on your baby’s bedroom floor or in the playroom by scattering medium-sized balloons. Your baby will have a blast walking through the ocean of balloons. Pair all the balloons floating around your house with balloon-themed table coverings, plates, and napkins. Add a miniature hot air balloon display. Launch balloon wishes at the end of the party.

Art fun

Instead of making or buying your baby’s first birthday decorations, let the guests do it with a crayon or art party. Place white art paper across the tables and floor along with coloring sheets or books. Leave crayons in baskets nearby. Be sure to have thick crayons on hand for little ones. Encourage guests and the birthday baby to get creative. Hang a giant number one cutout and ask party-goers to leave birthday wishes. Complement the artwork with Crayola paper plates, napkins, and giant crayon balloons. If you’re feeling brave, you can do the same with paint.

Baby boy painting with balloons and cake for his first birthday
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One isn’t the loneliest number when it’s your child’s first birthday, and they don’t need a winter birthday to have an onederland party. Snowflakes dominate the decor for any onederland party and can be refreshing even for a summer birthday. Highlight the snowflake theme with white and blue balloons. Hang snowflake garlands above doors and windows. Spell out happy birthday and your baby’s name in snowflakes.


Babies love music, so why not have a note-worthy first birthday party. Use musical notes, records, and instrument cutouts as decorations around the house, along with some bright balloons. Keep the tunes rolling by playing kid-friendly music throughout the party. Hang pots and pans on the wall or put them upside down on tables and floors along with wooden spoons for the youngest guests and birthday baby to compose music of their own. Use beans to create paper plate tambourines or cup shakers.

Your baby’s first birthday is truly an exceptional day for the whole family to enjoy. Remember to try and time the festivities around the birthday baby’s nap-time and designate a friend or family member to capture post-worthy photos so you can have fun too.

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