7 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage

Garages, or carports, usually serve as your personal parking space at home. They provide shade and housing that protects your vehicles from sun exposure, heavy rains, and getting stolen. They might even serve as extra space for your tools, junk, spare automobile parts, and even your pet dog. In a sense, garages are multipurpose spaces in many homes.

While garages serve more than just nestling your vehicle, they may also add value to your property. Should you decide to sell your house in the future, here are seven of the best ways to upgrade your garage.

Add Vertical Storage

Garages can have limited storage space to keep all your tools and other items organized. If you frequently work in your garage, adding vertical storage might be a suitable option for establishing order and cleanliness in your carport and work station.

Hooks, overhead storage units, and floating cabinets are perfect for keeping all things off your floor and within reach. Items that you always use should be placed on eye-level shelves, while others can be stored on higher tiers. The best part is that these storage units can hold up to 600 lbs. (272.155 kg), so you can even keep your bike on hooks and not worry about it weighing down your storage system.

Install Shade

Most garages are enclosed and have concrete roofs that protect cars from getting toasted or soaked in the rain. But if your carport is open, you may install shade to keep your vehicle protected from extreme weather conditions. For instance, many houses in Metro Manila Hills have open carports or garages that don’t have doors. Residents may extend their shade to their driveways and porch to shield themselves from the heat and sunlight while spending time outside.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

Besides keeping your vehicles and expensive power tools from getting stolen, your garage door is one of the first things people look at when they enter or pass by your house. Upgrading your garage door will also add to your property’s aesthetic appeal and market value.

You may go “extra” and spend more by installing a remote-controlled garage door. But if you still want the rustic feel of manual doors, add a fresh coat of paint or replace your battered aluminum door with a wooden one.

Seal Your Floor with Epoxy

After clearing up your stuff in vertical storage bins, it’s time to clean up the spills and unsightly spots of your floor with a fresh coat of paint! After two or three coats, seal your floor with epoxy to enhance your floor’s durability and appeal. Epoxy helps keep your floors clean, dust-free, and resistant to liquids such as paint and oils.

Install a Work Space

If you love tinkering with your vehicle or working on various projects, install a workspace in your garage to accommodate your tools and activities. You may strategically place your work table close to the shelves storing items that you use often.

Change Your Lighting

Proper lighting is crucial for better working conditions in any workspace. Pendant lights or daylight fluorescent bulbs are ideal options as they may create the same effect as natural lighting. Enhance your lighting features to make your garage brighter and more suitable to walk around whenever you need something.

Add Insulation

If you live in an area where it can get extremely cold or hot, insulate your walls and ceilings. Insulating your garage may also help reduce your energy bills from using your heater or air-conditioning units. Seal any cracks and holes in your walls to keep humidity or frosty air from getting inside your garage. However, make sure that your garage has a vent to let the smoke and fumes out of the room.

As a whole, garages are great features that add curb appeal and value to any home. Adding these seven worthy upgrades might just boost your home’s chances of getting sold in the future.