8 brands you didn't know Walmart owned
8 brands you didn’t know Walmart owned

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Walmart owns over 11,000 stores and is one of the biggest retailers in the world. Thinking about Walmart as a single chain is almost selling it short—the company owns some pretty popular brands and online stores you may not have known about.

Like did you know Walmart owns Hayneedle, one of our editors’ favorite places to shop furniture from? Or that Walmart makes its own mattress-in-a-box brand called Allswell?

From ebooks to artwork and every in between, you can find almost anything you want from a brand that you maybe didn’t know was part of the Walmart family. Here are some of the brands you may be surprised to learn are owned by Walmart.

1. Allswell: Walmart’s mattress-in-a-box contender

Allswell is an affordable mattress-in-a-box option.
Allswell is an affordable mattress-in-a-box option.

The traditional mattress-buying experience can be frustrating between the high prices and limited stock at many retailers. Online stores have boomed in popularity because of their simplicity, and Walmart’s Allswell is no different. We tested the Allswell Surpreme and found that it was soft and supportive, though we weren’t as impressed with its edge support as we were with other mattresses.

Allswell is one of the most affordable mattress-in-a-box brands out there, offering queen mattresses as low as $375. Beyond that, there’s also all manner of bedding and linens so that you can enjoy the finer things in life at a nice price.

2. Art.com: Budget-friendly art for your home

Art.com is home to many fun pieces of decor.
Art.com is home to many fun pieces of decor.

A fun fact about me is I literally don’t have a bare wall in my home. A blank space would drive me insane because that’s just a waste: Decorations could be hung there! Negative space is the enemy. Art.com is a great place to look for, well, art that could bring your home to life. What I really like is that it has a huge list of renowned artists to choose from so you could have a museum in your own living room.

You can browse through curated artist collections, including pieces from renowned artists like Emil Cardinaux. Carindaux is a famed Swiss artist who’s mostly known for his travel posters, so you can live like a real world traveler while enjoying a nice vintage flair. I’m also partial to these vintage World War I ads and PSAs used to promote patriotism during WWI, which are a fascinating look back at how governments communicated with the people in the early 20th century.

Shop art from art.com

3. Bare Necessities: Bras for all sizes

Bare Necessities sells high-quality womenswear.
Bare Necessities sells high-quality womenswear.

Bare Necessities is a leading bra retailer because it goes above and beyond to help people find the right bra for them. Finding the correct fit is hard, especially online, so Bare Necessities has tools like a sizing calculator so shoppers can find something comfortable.

The store has dozens of the leading lingerie brands, like Hanky Panky and Spanx, so you can stick with your favorite brand if you want. Bare Necessities is also supremely inclusionary with sizes that go all the way up to 56 for bands and OO for cups. Bare Necessities also sells swimwear, shapewear, loungewear, and activewear, meaning you can stock up on your wardrobe essentials all at one place.

Shop for clothing at Bare Necessities

4. Bonobos: The king of online menswear

Bonobos is a popular men's fashion retailer.
Bonobos is a popular men’s fashion retailer.

This is maybe the most surprising name on the list of brands that Walmart owns. Bonobos is considered an innovative online retailer for menswear and I just never really imagined it would be part of the Walmart family. But then again I didn’t think Walmart would own an online mattress retailer either so I’m learning a lot today.

The shop has greatly expanded its products over the years, but its pants remain the real highlight here. Bonobos is an innovator of a curved waistband so men could find pants that fit just right without any unflattering shapes. The brand earns bonus points for giving teachers a generous discount.

Bonobos sells shirts with fun prints, pants that reviewers rave about, and even face masks (which match the shirts).

Shop menswear at Bonobos

5. Eloquii: Plus-size women’s clothing

Eloquii sells fashionable plus-size clothing for women.
Eloquii sells fashionable plus-size clothing for women.

Eloquii started as part of the Limited family, but relaunched as its own online-only company later on. Walmart has since acquired the brand, helping it bring its inclusionary sizing to more and more people.

With sizes from 14 to 28, Eloquii specializes in outfits and accessories for plus-sized people who identify as women or feel most comfortable in clothes designed for women. This is great because it brings hot trends to people who have been historically ignored by most designers and luxury brands.

Eloquii sells stylish jumpsuits, dresses, jackets, and even loungewear. Plus, Eloquii recently launched Eloquii Unlimited, which has a model similar to Rent the Runway. Pay a flat monthly fee and rent clothing whenever you need, including some of Eloquii’s highest-rated and most popular pieces.

Shop clothing at Eloquii

6. Hayneedle: Quality furniture at affordable prices

Hayneedle is a great place to hunt for affordable furniture.
Hayneedle is a great place to hunt for affordable furniture.

Hayneedle is an online furniture retailer that Walmart acquired when it bought Jet.com. It serves as almost a one-stop shop for all your home furnishing needs, and is one of our favorite digital furniture stores.

As you’d expect, Hayneedle has all the major pieces of furniture that you can imagine, including couches, TV stands, and dining tables. But as an added benefit, there’s also smaller items like stemware and bath rugs that can help really pull your home together.

Shop furniture at Hayneedle

7. Moosejaw: Outdoor & adventure gear

Moosejaw is similar to REI and Backcountry.
Moosejaw is similar to REI and Backcountry.

Walmart decided adventure was out there when it decided to add Moosejaw to its list of online stores. This brand focuses on all the equipment you’d need for a trip outside, whether you’re a hobbyist or a hardcore mountaineer.

The most impressive thing about Moosejaw is the sheer magnitude of brands it carriers. While it’s proprietary line includes great products, you can find gear from almost any outdoor company you can think of, such as Burton, Merrell, and Yeti.

Shop outdoor gear at Moosejaw

8. Shoes.com: Pretty much every shoe under the sun

Shoes.com sells an array of our favorite shoe brands.
Shoes.com sells an array of our favorite shoe brands.

Credit to Walmart: Some of its brands have extremely literal names. First there was Art.com which sold art. And now there is Shoes.com which sells shoes. Although, it could be argued that this is something of a misnomer given that the site also sells boots, sandals, and a limited range of clothes and accessories.

A cursory search reveals that there isn’t much you can’t find on Shoes.com so it’s living up to its billing at the very least. The design is very welcoming too as you can easily navigate between types of footwear and then dive into specific styles without having to search for results.

Shoes.com sells popular brands like Clarks, Birkenstocks, and New Balance. Plus, the site runs frequent sales, so you can snag these brands for a great deal.

Shop shoes at Shoes.com

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