Halloween is the holiday that often provides some much-needed laughter and fun before entering the craziness of the end of the year. Although Halloween masks may qualify as a face covering, it’s unlikely people will be attending many office parties this year. Just because teams can not meet in person does not mean they need to forgo Halloween. Below are eight simple and fun virtual Halloween activities to try at your organization.

Organize a Virtual Kids Costume Contest to Support the Parents on Your Team

Due to the pandemic, most kids will miss the opportunity to parade their costumes proudly around the neighborhood this Halloween. Support the parents on your team by organizing a virtual Kids Costume Contest. All you have to do is pick a date and schedule the event. If you want, invite a few staff members to dress up and act as judges. One at a time, invite each kid to share their costume on screen. Create some fun categories like cutest, scariest, and most creative design. Give out some fun virtual awards for each category and mail each winner a playful prize! (Don’t want to do costume, make it a pumpkin carving contest.)

Virtual Thriller Dance Battle

Invite Teams to get on Zoom and record their best one-minute Thriller routine! Give points for best costumes, lip-syncing, and creative use of props. Have someone combine all the videos to share at a Virtual Townhall for some laughs and a little Halloween fun!

Halloween of Seasons Past – Costume Contest

Everyone has had at least one really great, if not awkward, Halloween costume in their past.  Invite people to submit a photo or stories of their best Halloween costumes of the past. Have them post the photos on a companywide slack channel, or have a person organize them all into a PowerPoint to share at your next team or all-staff meeting while you play Michael Jackson’s Thriller in the background. Take the activity a step further by turning it into a retro costume contest or have people try to guess who each person is. 

Spooky Home Office Decoration

Some people love the ritual of decorating their office or cubical for Halloween. Keep that ritual alive by asking people to decorate their work from home space with a little Halloween flare. If people don’t have a home office, they can design a fun custom virtual Halloween background. 

Play Virtual Zombie

At the start of your next meeting, tell everyone you will be playing a game of Virtual Zombie. Throughout the call, you will randomly freeze in an awkward Zombie position. The last person on the call to freeze as a Zombie, has to pick a number from 1 to 5 and answer one of the below questions:

  1. What was the movie that scared you the most and why?
  2. What was your favorite Halloween candy and why?
  3. What was your best/most creative Halloween costume?
  4. Ghost, Frankenstein, Dracula, Werewolf, Pumpkin; what Halloween character best represents you and why?
  5. What is your favorite Halloween/fall memory?

Masked Meeting

Stores (and Amazon) are stocked with an abundance of masks and Halloween costumes. Invite everyone to show up to your next meeting with a mask or costume of their choosing. Try to have the meeting as long as possible with everyone wearing a mask. Ask your people to talk in the voice of their mask. Try not to laugh as Captain America presents the weekly team update!

Horror Movie Night

Carrie, Get Out, Evil Dead, Zombie Land, It, Blair Witch Project; hiding among your staff are some horror movie fanatics! Between now and Halloween, organize some drop in Netflix Parties to watch some of the people’s favorite Horror films. Have people also connect via video on your platform of choice so you can watch people jump together online!

Mail the Treat!

Do you have the mailing address of your employees? Surprise them with a little Halloween treat. Mail or drop off a little bag of candy and a fun Halloween thank you card expressing how much you appreciate all of the scary times they have lived through this year!

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