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Disney theme parks often host parades, firework shows, and other events for the holidays. Mark Ashman/Disney Parks via Getty Images
  • Though you might not be able to visit Disney theme parks for the holidays this year, there are ways to celebrate at home.

  • One way to do so is to re-create some of Disney’s popular holiday recipes from your kitchen.

  • You can also relive your favorite theme-park memories by watching recordings of fireworks and parades on YouTube.

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Disney theme parks are arguably the most magical around the holidays.

Unfortunately for many fans this year, visiting a Disney theme park might not be possible. Some people can’t travel due to COVID-19 restrictions, while others aren’t able to visit their favorite Disney landmarks, like Disneyland, which has remained closed since the start of the pandemic.

That being said, there are still lots of ways to create some Disney magic at home. From re-creating theme-park recipes to decorating your home with Mickey-shaped ornaments, here are some ideas to help get you through the season.

You can watch Disney World’s whimsical, holiday-themed fireworks show on YouTube.

Guests watching fireworks at Walt Disney World Orlando before the park closed on March 15.
People watch fireworks at the Magic Kingdom on March 15, 2020. Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service/Getty Images

In early December, Disney released a recording of its 2019 Magic Kingdom holiday show: “Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks.”

The 15-minute-long clip is available to watch for free on YouTube.

In the kitchen, you can re-create some of Disney’s winter recipes.

disney peppermint
Disneyland’s peppermint marshmallow wands are super easy to make. Disney Parks

Throughout 2020, Disney has shared numerous recipes that make for perfect holiday treats. There are gingerbread cream cheese muffins, gingerbread Bundt cakes with orange-vanilla sauce, and peppermint marshmallow wands.

All of the recipes, as well as others, can be found on the Disney Parks Blog.

Disneyland Paris has created a virtual, interactive advent calendar.

disney advent calendar
Any Disney fan can participate in the Paris theme park’s activity. Disneyland Paris

From December 1 until December 24, Disney fans can visit the Disneyland Paris website to open a virtual advent calendar. Each day includes a different activity, from exclusive recipes to phone backgrounds and more.

If you’re missing your favorite theme park, you can watch old YouTube videos of Disney locations celebrating Christmas.

disney youtube
You might not be able to visit Disney parks this holiday, but you can see them virtually. YouTube

Though there are countless Disney theme-park videos online, die-hard fans will likely appreciate recordings of old Christmas parades and holiday-themed ride overlays.

There are also holiday music videos for kids, theme-park music loops, and more. 

If your family likes to match during the holidays, consider making tie-dye Mickey Mouse shirts in festive colors.

tie dye shirt
Your tie-dye shirt should end up looking something like this. Disney Parks/YouTube

Back in September, Disney released a 10-step guide to creating tie-dye shirts with an outline of Mickey Mouse in the middle. To do so, you need a white T-shirt, rubber bands, dye, and chalk, among other supplies.

You can also put a holiday twist on the craft by using dyes that are red, green, blue, or other colors that remind you of the holidays. Full instructions can be found on the Disney Parks Blog.

You can go behind the scenes of Disney theme parks during the holidays with some shows on Disney Plus.

disney world christmas
Disney theme parks go all out for the holidays – especially Christmas. Handout/Getty Images

Specifically, the show “Decorating Disney Holiday Magic” reveals how Disney World and Disneyland are transformed into winter wonderlands each year.

Instead of making gingerbread houses, you can re-create your favorite areas of Disney theme parks.

disney parade
Disney recently shared printable versions of Disneyland landmarks. Disney/Handout/Getty Images

Of course, you could do so with gingerbread cookies or any other supplies of your choosing. The easiest option, however, is to visit the Disney Parks Blog, which recently released free, printable activity sheets that help you create paper versions of Disneyland’s Town Square during the holidays.

You can also decorate your home with Disney-inspired Christmas crafts.

disney world christmas tree
There are tons of Disney twists to put on holiday ornaments. Disney Parks

The Disney Parks Blog recently shared instructions¬†to help make princess-themed wreaths and Mickey-shaped ornaments. You can also find DIY decoration ideas from Disney fans on Instagram and YouTube by searching “#DisneyCrafts” and”Disney holiday crafts.”

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