The best of the best in 360-degree conference and meeting room cameras have to be the Owl Labs camera. While it’s sleek and modern design is a great looking piece of tech, the other features, and its ability are the real selling points. This is the ideal camera for a big conference room with a large table and lots of people. It is also a great purchase for home use if you live stream in the kitchen or garage while moving around a lot. This camera will follow your movements and voice wherever you go. So if you were thinking of starting up a cooking show during the lockdown, this is the best camera for that or doing some online yoga classes.

This setup is nearly a plug and play system, all you have to do is plug it into your USB, download your favorite and/or most used video conferencing or streaming platform and that is that. The camera automatically zooms, moves, pans and focuses on whoever is highlighted in the conversation. The microphone, camera, and the speaker are combined into one, pillar-esque device which makes it easy to move and/or store. You can use this all day at the office then bring it home and reach out to family and friends or start your video blogging. All 8 microphones are actively listening to who is speaking with a 12-foot radius so you won’t ever miss a beat in the conversation. 

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