This year, Halloween is going to be a bit different. There won’t be trick-or-treating, large parties or haunted houses. This isn’t to say that Halloween is canceled. Rather, this is the perfect time to get into the Halloween spirit. It may seem a bit early, but it’s never too early to enjoy the Halloween season. To help you celebrate, here’s a guide of what you can do right now to help start your Halloween season.

Make a list of scary movies to watch (and actually watch them)

Halloween is all about monsters and scares (plus candy, of course). Sometimes the best way to get the scares you’re craving is by watching a horror movie. Even just making a list of scary movies will get you thinking about monsters and scares, which in turn will get you into the Halloween spirit. The films don’t even have to be that scary. There’s no shame in watching a horror movie for a younger audience that isn’t scary for you anymore. It can bring you nostalgia and be a nice way to ease into horror. So if you want to get into the Halloween mood, make a list of scary movies and make sure to actually watch some of them. This way, you’ll get immersed in the horror that makes Halloween what it is.

Decorate your room with paper bats and pumpkins

One thing Halloween is known for is its decorations. Some people go all out to transform their house and yard into a scene straight out of a horror film. Luckily, you don’t have to do that much to make your living space reflect the holiday. All you need is some colored construction paper (or regular printer paper if you don’t have any), a pair of scissors and tape. Fold the paper in half and cut an outline of a bat, a pumpkin or another cliche symbol that represents Halloween. Make sure you cut half the design out of the paper so that when you unfold it, you have a symmetrical design. Then just repeat the steps, tape them around your room and enjoy your homemade Halloween decorations.

Get a spooky Zoom background

There is a unique benefit to having online classes during the Halloween season. You can make it look like you’re attending class from a haunted house or outside a creepy cabin in the woods. It’s a chance to help make your class feel a bit more spooky. Also, you get the chance to hunt for the perfect horror-themed background (by your standards), just like picking out a costume or decorating your house.

Listen to Halloween music

October (including Halloween) is in the middle of midterm season. That means you’ll probably be doing a lot of studying and may want something to listen to as you study. Halloween music mixes might be just the thing to get you in the spirit of the holiday and help you study. Whether you’d rather listen to songs from your childhood such as “Monster Mash” or hear something new, there is probably a playlist for you! This is the perfect way to get nostalgic for Halloweens of the past while also making this October truly feel like a proper Halloween season in its own way.

There are plenty of ways to get into the holiday spirit without throwing a large costume party. Hopefully, this list has given you some new ideas for celebrating the holiday of frights and spooks, even if you are sheltering in place.

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