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Hearts ‘n’ crafts: Etsy is the latest social media platform to crack down on conspiracy theories, reports Insider. The craft site has banned QAnon merchandise like shirts, bumper stickers and, yes, jewelry that promotes false beliefs. The move comes just a day after Facebook also banned accounts linked to QAnon misinformation.

Oh, Snap!: Peter Naylor, VP of sales, Americas, at Snap Inc., stops by for a chat about the state of digital advertising in a live edition of Ad Age Remotely, today at 11:30 a.m. EDT. Join us here.

New threads: Slack wants to be your everything. Not only will the productivity platform add support for video snippets and push-to-talk messaging (because DMs are too formal?), but a new sneaker collaboration with Cole Haan is dropping—in an age when even slippers are more footwear than many can bear. The lightweight kicks are available in all four technicolor shades of the Slack logo, reports GQ.

Funny bones: Halloween is around the corner, and Home Depot has a hit on its metacarpals with a 12-foot-tall skeleton decoration that’s been showing up on brand social feeds. Budweiser, Slim Jim, Natty Light and Impossible Foods snapped up the $300 behemoth, reports Ad Age’s Ilyse Liffreing. So did 1-800-Contacts, which seems like a strange choice, except that these skeletons have glowing eyes instead of empty sockets. They’re sold out, though, and going for as much as $1,600 on eBay, so either cough up the cash or wait until the first week of November to grab them and some stale candy for 50% off.

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