Find all of the witchcraft secrets throughout the town in Dark Pictures: Little Hope in order to unlock the Dirty Little Secrets Achievement.

In Dark Pictures: Little Hope, players will have to scour the town of Little Hope and take control of five different characters to find answers about their connections to the townspeople and their supernatural stories. Finding different collectible items around the town can help players paint a better picture about the history of the town and its residents’ witchcraft practices. 

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There are many different types of collectibles that players can pick up or observe in Little Hope, both mandatory for the story and optional. If players find all of the witchcraft secrets in Little Hope, they will unlock the Dirty Little Secrets achievement. Make sure to get all of the secrets in order and as the correct characters, as some of the characters can’t unlock specific secrets. 

All Witchcraft Secrets in Dark Pictures: Little Hope

  • Book of Paganism: While controlling Taylor after the bus crash, go back to the bus and find the Book of Paganism by the shattered windscreen.
  • Occult Flyer: After talking with Vince in the Black Cat Bar as John, go towards the exit and look at the table on the left to see the Occult Flyer.
  • War Photo: Still controlling John, look for the War Photo on the floor before leaving the Black Cat Bar. 
  • Visitor’s Map: Go to the picnic area to look for the Visitor’s Map. It should be in the far corner of the fenced area. 
  • Runestones: When Daniel and Taylor drop down, turn around with the flashlight to see a path to the left. Follow it to a shed and pick up one of the runestones on the altar. 
  • Newspaper: Minister Arrested: As Daniel, the player can enter a building using a stairwell to follow a walkway until there is a gap in the floor. Before going down, go to the room on the right and pick up the newspaper. 
  • Hippie Artifacts: While in the police station, go to the main room and go to the left to enter the left-hand room. Go to the cardboard box on the desk to find the Hippie Artifacts. 
  • Vandalized Statue: To reach the Vandalized Statue after the police station, use the flashlight to find a plinth on the right next to a house, interact with it and look down, and look at the Vandalized Statue on the ground in the grass
  • Stone Inscription: When Daniel and Taylor separate from the group, follow the path to the picnic area on the left. Turn right and look for a path on the right to find the inscription and find the secret.
  • Lambert Writ: While Andrew and John talk in the museum, look at the Lambert Writ on the wall and look down. Here is a sign on the floor, pick it up to get the secret. 
  • Mary’s Testimony: In the room with the hanging dummies, a picture of Amy will be on the left. Interact with the picture and look down to get the secret. 
  • Mary’s Witness Statement: In the next room, look at the wall on the left. Here, the statement will be on the wall under a covering. Pull back the covering to see the statement. 
  • Courtroom Illustration: In the museum, walk towards the exit to find the Courtroom Illustration, also under a covering. Take the covering down to unlock the secret. 
  • Old Bible: As Daniel in the museum, look at the table opposite of him after Taylor’s vision. There’s an Old Bible on the table. Examine it and turn the page to unlock the secret. 
  • Tilly Johnson’s House: As Taylor after the museum, walk down the road and take a right turn. The plaque for Tilly Johnson’s House is near the road against a white fence. 
  • Commencement Day Massacre: From Tilly Johnson’s House, turn around and go to the left side of the road. Here, a plaque is attached to a boulder underneath a board. Move the board to look at the plaque and unlock the secret. 
  • Execution Site: Before crossing the road, look for a small path. Follow the path to reach the secret. 
  • Church Photo: After all of the characters flee into the church, turn left and look at the children’s drawings. Interact with the photo to unlock the secret. 
  • Homily: Before reaching the altar, enter the room on the right to find the desk containing the homily. Interact with the drawer to look at the homily.
  • Little Hope Pastors: Still in the church, the list of pastors is on the wall to the right of the altar. Examine it to unlock the secret. 
  • Mary’s Grave: Take the left path leading to the Historic Restoration site. At the picnic table on the left, there is a plaque that players can examine in order to unlock the secret.
  • Judge Wyman’s Portrait: Inside the factory, head down the stairs and turn right. Walk down the hallway and go into the room on the left. Look at the wall on the right to see the Judge’s portrait, and pick up the plaque below to unlock the secret. 
  • Judge Wyman’s Letter: Still in the small room in the factory, look at the floor by the trophies to find the Judge’s letter. 
  • Reverend Carson’s Letter: The final secret is in the burned down house. Go into the dining room and go to the cabinet to find the Reverend’s letter. 

With all of the secrets unlocked, players will be rewarded with the Dirty Little Secrets Achievement. Make sure to collect family secrets along the way in order to get the Secrets Too Dark achievement and other achievements. 

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is available now on Xbox One, Play Station 4, and PC.

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