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Upgrade your home's security with the SANSI LED Security Light. Image via Amazon.

Upgrade your home’s security with the SANSI LED Security Light. Image via Amazon.

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Home security is a serious business, and while it often comes with costly monthly fees and memberships, there are things you can do yourself to ensure that your home stays safe and secure no matter what.

Amazon Canada is one online destination where you’ll find plenty of affordable devices that you can set up on your own to create your own home security system. One top pick that you’ll want to add to cart first? The Sansi LED Security Lights, which also just so happen to be today’s Deal of the Day.

What are they?

For any home that’s in need of improved outdoor lighting, the Sansi LED Security Lights are a great choice for added protection. Equipped with high quality motion sensors and automatic on-off function, they make it easy to upgrade your existing outdoor lighting systems.

15W SANSI LED Security Lights. Image via Amazon.

15W SANSI LED Security Lights. Image via Amazon.

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Its Dawn to Dusk setting automatically turns on and off throughout the evening for light when you want it, while the motion detect setting is perfect for bringing light only when you need it most.

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Available in 15W, 30W and 45W settings, each wall-mounted light fixture is made with an adjustable body that swivels to let you control which direction the LED lights face. It’s also built with a waterproof exterior that holds up against wind, sleet, and snow.

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What shoppers are saying

Backed by a 4.5-star rating, Amazon Canada shoppers are loving the Sansi LED Security Lights as an easy way to maintain their home’s security.

“Purchased two of these 15 watt lights for my double carport. The 15 watt light is bright enough for my needs and does an excellent job during the night time,” shared one reviewer. “Easy to install and to program. No issues whatsoever and I’m very satisfied!”

“This thing is bright. Has so many configurations to direct the light where you want and the sensor control is bang on. Very impressed,” another added.

SANSI LED Security Lights can be used to light outside garages, sheds, porches and more. Image via Amazon.

SANSI LED Security Lights can be used to light outside garages, sheds, porches and more. Image via Amazon.

While these security lights have received an overwhelmingly positive response from shoppers, all products have their limitations. For the Sansi lights, it appears that at a certain distance they’re less sensitive to motion, though they do still offer an effective bright lighting solution.

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“It’s bright and sensitive, the only thing that should be improved is the motion detect distance, it’s not sensitive out of 3 meters,” cautioned one reviewer.

The verdict

As an affordable solution to outdoor lighting, it doesn’t get much better than the Sansi LED Security Lights. With a range of different setting to suit your family’s needs, they’re a great way to help protect your home by bringing light to any darkened areas – just be sure to keep your expectations in check for its motion sensing capabilities.

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