If you ask me, shopping online is way more convenient than actually driving somewhere. For starters, you can buy whatever you want by simply opening your laptop, signing into Amazon, and clicking “Add to Cart.” On top of that, you can usually find whichever products you’re looking for — even if they’re selling out fast. In fact, the internet is full of clever Amazon products that are selling quickly.

What exactly do I mean by “clever,” anyway? I’m talking about the products that help solve life’s little problems. You know, the space-saving hangers that’ll help you make the most out of cramped closets, or even a pair of five-blade scissors that help you get herbs chopped up in a jiffy. But if your life is easy-peasy without any problems — in that case, I’m jealous — there’s a sleek electric wine opener in here for you, because nothing says “stress-free” like a fresh glass of red.

Whether you’re looking to solve life’s little problems or if you’re simply in the mood for some retail therapy, there are tons of clever things on Amazon that are more than worth their price tags. And speaking of prices, everything I’ve picked for this list is $30 or less. So go ahead — grab those clothes hangers and the herb scissors.

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The Eraser That Helps You Fix Makeup Mistakes

With a precision tip that gets into the delicate areas around your eyes, this makeup eraser is a must-have for that pristine winged eyeliner look. It’s effective on waterproof makeup — and the compact size means you can easily keep one in your bag for touch-ups throughout the day.


A Pair Of Mini Bag Sealers To Help Snacks Stay Fresh

Some chip clips won’t keep the air out of your snack bags, but these mini bag sealers will. Simply provide your own two AA batteries, and they’ll quickly heat up to seal nearly any type of chip, nut, or snack bag. Each one also features a built-in slicer to open your bags back up.


This Gadget That Strips Leaves From Delicate Herbs

Don’t want to cook with your herb stems? Separate the leaves using this tool. The holes are sized to fit a variety of herbs from cilantro to kale, and it’s made from food-grade stainless steel that’s resistant to rust.


A Natural Growth Serum That Can Help Enhance Your Lashes

With more than 30,000 positive four- and five-star ratings, it’s clear that this eyelash growth serum is a hit with Amazon shoppers. Most saw visible within just a few weeks — and the biotin-rich formula is hypoallergenic as well as non-irritating. “I look like I wear fake eyelashes and I love it,” raved one reviewer.


These Scissors That Make Quick Work Of Chopping Greens

These aren’t your average kitchen scissors. Unlike regular shears, these ones feature five blades made from sharp stainless steel, allowing you to quickly chop up herbs with ease. The best part? Each order comes with a protective sheath as well as a cleaning comb.


A Mini Waffle Maker That Can Also Press Paninis

You’re not limited to solely breakfast when it comes to this waffle maker. Load it up with a sandwich to turn it into a panini, or even make your own biscuit pizza for a quick snack. It only takes a few minutes to heat up, and it comes in tons of colors.


The Travel-Friendly Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Whether you’re hopping on a plane or camping in the mountains, these eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner bars can help you stay clean and refreshed. They’re made from 100% sustainable, ethically-sourced ingredients — and the packaging is even compostable.


A Thermometer That’s Completely Touchless

There’s no need to stick this thermometer in your ear or under your tongue, as the infrared beam accurately reads your forehead — no contact required. The LCD screen will also change color depending on your temperature. And unlike many other models, batteries come included.


This Smart Plug That’s Compatible With Alexa

Ever wish you could turn your lights off without getting up? Just pair this smart plug with Alexa or Google Home, and you’ll be able to control your devices using voice commands. The downloadable app also lets you set schedules — just in case you like your lights to be on and welcoming you home.


A Batter Container With A Built-In Dispenser Spout

Mix up any kind of batter inside of this container, and then grip the handle to dispense it out the built-in spout. It’s great for everything from cupcakes to pancakes — and the measurement markings on the side help you keep track of how much you’ve used.


The Roll-Up Dish Rack That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

Regular dish racks take up a ton of counter space, whereas this one rolls out over the unused space above your skin. Any drips instantly fall into the basin, and the stainless steel rungs are resistant to rust. Plus, you can even use it as a trivet in a pinch.


A Pair Of Colanders That Collapse For Storage

Got a cramped kitchen with limited storage space? Throw out those bulky strainers in favor of these colanders. They collapse down to a fraction of their size to help you save space, and each one is made from durable, heat-resistant silicone (up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit).


This Tile That Helps You Find Lost Items

Loop this tile onto your keys, or even slip it into your wallet. The next time either go missing, you can use the downloadable app to have it let out a loud ring, allowing you to easily find your stuff. Plus, it also works in reverse. Press the tile, and your phone will ring — even in silent mode.


A Gel That Cleans Deep Into Nooks & Crannies

Whether you’ve got dirty air vents or a dusty camera lens, this gel can help. It reaches deep into tight spaces — without leaving scratches — and you can even reuse it until the color turns dark. Plus, the lavender scent gives it a refreshing touch.


The Outlet Tower That Boasts 4 USB Ports

There’s no need to locate a power brick the next time you need to charge your phone, as this outlet tower features four built-in USB ports. There are also nine AC outlets, and the extra-long power cable makes it great for home offices.


A Body Sponge That’s Gentle, Yet Exfoliating

Use this body sponge all over to help gently exfoliate away dry, rough skin. Unlike loofahs, it helps cleanse the deep-down dirt that can cause unwanted blemishes and blackheads. You can also add a dollop of your favorite soap for an extra-thorough scrub.


The Night Lights That’ll Make Your Toilet Bowls Glow

Hang one of these motion-sensing night lights in your toilet, and it’ll gently guide your way through the bathroom in the middle of the night. There are 16 different LED colors to choose from — in addition to a rotating carousel mode — and the brightness is adjustable up to five levels.


A Grippy Yoga Mat That’s Extra-Thick

Help keep your joints comfortable as you stretch and pose by doing your next yoga session on this nonslip mat. It’s made from extra-thick foam, while the added length and width give you more room to move. Plus, the grippy surface shouldn’t absorb moisture.


A Gadget That Can Open 30 Wine Bottles On A Single Charge

Not only does this electric wine opener feature a chic blue light, but the stainless steel exterior complements any bar or countertop you set it out on. The battery pops up to 30 bottles before needing a recharge — and each order also comes with a foil cutter.


These Bins That Help Organize Your Fridge

With eight of these bins in every pack, you can easily organize your entire fridge — and they’re large enough for everything from fruits to cans. Each one is BPA-free, and the transparent plastic makes it easy to see what’s inside without having to pull them out.


A Compact Organizer For Your Flatware

Layering your knives, forks, and spoons on top of each other allows this flatware organizer to have an ultra-slim design that’s perfect for narrow drawers. It’s large enough for up to 24 pieces of flatware — and many reviewers raved about how it helps “save space.”


These Dryer Balls Made From New Zealand Wool

Toss these dryer balls in with your wet clothes, and they’ll help aerate your load so that it dries faster than it would with regular dryer sheets. They’re made from premium New Zealand wool — and you can reuse them for thousands of loads.


The Half-Moon Bolster Pillow Filled With Soft Memory Foam

Whether you put this bolster pillow under your back or legs, it can still provide some extra support to help you stay comfortable. The memory foam filling contours to the shape of your body, and the removable cover is made from soft, breathable cotton.


A Pack Of Shower Steamers Made With Essential Oils

Prefer taking showers over baths? You can still enjoy the same soothing effects that bath bombs provide while you shower — just put one of these steamer pucks over your drain. It releases soothing essential oil scents as it dissolves, and each order comes with six scents including lavender, mint, cherry, and more.


This Sleek French Press Made From Stainless Steel

I’ve been using this French Press to make coffee every morning for the past year, and not once has it clogged or produced a cup of joe that wasn’t delicious. It’s made from rustproof stainless steel — and you can also use it to make tea, cold brew, or even almond milk.


A 2-Stage Knife Sharpener For Your Kitchen

This knife sharpener takes up hardly any space in your kitchen drawers — and it even features a non-slip base to help keep it in place while you drag your blades through. It features two slots: one for sharpening blades, and a second for polishing them.


The Planner That Helps You Budget With Dates, Bills, Stickers, & More

Spending a little too much money every month than you’d like? Let this planner help you get your budget in order. There’s space to track your savings, financial goals, debt, cash flow, and more. Plus, the leatherette cover gives it a classy touch.


A Pair Of Claws For Shredding Up Meat During Meal Prep

I like to use these meat claws to shred chicken whenever I get bored of the same usual meals. You can use them as tongs if needed — and since they’re made from stainless steel, each one is also heat- as well as rust-resistant.


These Tongs That Double As Spatulas For Moving & Flipping Food

Not only are these tongs heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, but they’re also made with a cradle between each tip that allows you to use them like spatulas. The cradle is made from non-stick silicone — and unlike metal tongs, these ones won’t scratch your cookware.


A Veggie Chopper With A Container Underneath To Catch Everything

With four interchangeable blades that slice, dice, and julienne your veggies, this chopper can help you get dinner on the table quickly. The soft-grip handle makes it easy to press down through onions and potatoes, and the bin underneath collects everything until you’re ready to cook.


These Hair Towels Made From Absorbent Microfiber

Made from soft, fluffy microfiber, these lightweight towels won’t leave your head feeling heavy. And since they’re made from microfiber — which is more absorbent than cotton — they can even help your hair dry faster.


A Refrigerator Pod That Helps Your Herbs & Veggies Stay Fresh

You always want to make sure your herbs are fresh and ready to eat, right? Go ahead and keep them inside of this pod. Simply fill the water reservoir at the base once every few days, and it’ll help keep your herbs fresh for up to three weeks. Plus, it’s even completely BPA-free.


This Electric Can Opener That Does The Work For You

Don’t strain your wrist twisting that can open; just let this electric opener do the work for you. The built-in magnet helps keep the lid in place as the blade works itself around the edge. And unlike many other openers, this one shouldn’t leave your can with a sharp edge.


A Push-Down Zip Whisk That Won’t Leave Your Arm Aching

It only takes a few pumps to get this whisk spinning, allowing you to mix up all your ingredients without having to strain your arm. No batteries are required — and since it’s made from stainless steel, it’s also resistant to rust.


The Fast-Working Electric Egg Cooker That Does It All

You’re not limited to solely hard-boiled eggs with this cooker. It’s so versatile that it can also make poached, soft boiled, or scrambled eggs — as well as cook omelettes — with the right attachments (which are included). Plus, the built-in timer helps prevent your meal from overcooking.


A Time-Saving Garlic Press Rocker Made With Stainless Steel

Chopping up cloves of garlic quickly becomes tedious, whereas this press dices up garlic into small, even bits. It’s made from tough stainless steel that won’t bend under pressure — and each order also comes with a peeler tube.


These Vertical Hangers That Make The Most Of Cramped Closets

Even if you’ve got a tiny, cramped closet, these space-saving hangers can still help you make the most of it. Each hanger can hold up to 10 garments (or a maximum of 40 pounds). They’re made from stainless steel — and one reviewer even wrote that they “literally helped me gain half of my closet back.”


These Reusable Silicone Baking Mats That’ll Help You Save Money

There’s no need to buy wasteful parchment paper or baking sprays when you’ve got these mats. They’re made from tough silicone that’s heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit — and since they’re flexible, you can also use them to roll out pastries. Each one is large enough to fit a half-sheet pan.


The Hydrating Lip Balms Made With Beeswax, Petroleum Jelly, & Mineral Oil

Formulated with a blend of moisturizing beeswax, petroleum jelly, and mineral oil, this balm is a must-have if your lips are dry and chapped. Unlike many other chapsticks, it contains hydrocortisone to help stimulate your skin’s natural healing process — and many reviewers raved about how it “really works.”


An Organizer That Keeps Your Underwear Sorted

Socks, lingerie, scarves, underwear — this organizer can help keep all of them looking neat and tidy in your drawers. The non-woven fabric is mold-proof, and it comes in a variety of fun shades: turquoise, pink, grey, and more.


The Industrial Sponge Holder With Space For A Dishcloth

De-clutter your sink with this undeniably chic sponge holder. The dishcloth holder is made from rust-resistant stainless steel, while the weighted base helps keep it from tipping over. And unlike some other versions, this one is large enough for a sponge and a scrubber.


A Cozy Heated Throw Blanket For Your Car

If you ask me, hopping into a cold car is never fun — but this heated blanket can help you stay warm throughout your whole drive. It plugs into your car’s auxiliary outlet — and the extra-long power cord makes it easy to use from the back seat.


This Double-Sided Desk Pad With Waterproof Properties

With three different sizes to choose from, this desk pad can accommodate nearly any desk — and even the smallest is large enough for a laptop, phone, and mouse. It features a waterproof surface to help keep your desk safe from spills. Plus, there are more than 10 fun shades to choose from, including pink, yellow, red, and more.


A Broom Mount To Help Tidy Up That Crowded Garage

Got a heap of tools laying around? Tidy them up with this wall-mounted organizer. The spring-loaded slots tightly grip onto brooms, shovels, sports equipment, and more, and the hooks are perfect for everything from scrubbers to oven mitts.


The Humidifier That’s Perfect For Small Rooms

With its narrow base that takes up hardly any room, this cool-mist humidifier is perfect for your home office or bedroom nightstand. It can run for up to 24 hours — and since it produces very little noise, you can easily leave it running while you sleep.


A Large Electric Heating Pad Reviewers Love

With thousands of four- and five-star reviews, it’s clear that Amazon shoppers are in love with this heating pad. It only takes a few quick seconds to warm up — and the cover is made from extra-soft microplush. “This is the nicest heating pad, by far, that I have ever owned,” raved one reviewer. “You can wrap this around a shoulder, arm, foot, etc., and feel so pampered.”


This Cuticle Oil Made With Moisturizing Milk & Honey

Dry, flaking cuticles are no match for this revitalizing oil. The honey in the formula helps keep your skin hydrated — even after it’s been applied — while the milk works to soften any dry spots. Plus, it’s completely paraben- as well as cruelty-free.


A Tool That Slices Watermelon Into Tasty Chunks

Serving up watermelon can be a struggle, which is why I have a tool like this one in my arsenal. Not only does it easily pierce into the fruit, but it also slices it up into small cubes — perfect for snacking. Plus, the rounded edges make it less intimidating.

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