An Agile Scrum product owner is your company’s MVP. This course can get you there

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TLDR: The Complete Agile Scrum Product Owner Masterclass Course teaches what it takes to lead a project from ideation to successful completion.

In the world of project management as outlined by one of the most popular PM methodologies, the Agile Scrum product owner is basically the team’s quarterback. Recruited by an employer to bring a new product to fruition, the product owner starts moving the ball down the field. They spot holes in the game plan. They make sure major weapons are being used correctly. They make sure the ball keeps marching downfield and the chains keep moving toward a touchdown.

And just like a quarterback, there’s a very healthy paycheck on the way for product owners who show they’ve got the stuff to lead a team to victory. If you see yourself standing in those pressure-filled, yet well-compensated shoes, The Complete Agile Scrum Product Owner Masterclass Course ($25, 87 percent off from TNW Deals) can help get you over that goal line.

Your coach in this campaign is a digital entrepreneur and Agile management expert Danny Liu. 

Over his career, Lau has led high-performance teams, ranging from tech infrastructure engineering design and support to modern-day cloud computing, delivering digital products early and often.

Armed with that expertise, this deep-dive exploration of Agile Scrum, including 38 lectures, can put you on the path to following in Lau’s footsteps.

And this is no theoretical exercise either. The training is centered around applying Agile Scrum principles in the creation of a new consumer banking app. Following the steps in this training, you’ll start creating a product backlog process for that app that incorporates everything students have learned in the course.

From developing a successful product vision, to persona creation, ideation and user story mapping, to understanding the key differences in the Agile and Waterfall PM methods, this course explains how a product owner leads a team the right way.

There may not be a Vince Lombardi trophy at the end of this particular rainbow, but there are certain riches available for those who step up to the moment.

A $199 training collection, this course is available now at a fraction of the price, just $25.

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