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“Jersey Shore” star Angelina Pivarnick is battling rumors that she and husband Chris Larangeira.

“Jersey Shore” star Angelina Pivarnick battled rumors that she and her husband less than one year after they said, “I do.” The most recent episode of “Jersey Shore” showed Angelina upset at the state of her marriage to Chris Larangeira. The couple reportedly got into a fight after he stayed at a hotel with other women. When he came home, he ripped up their Christmas decorations and moved out of their home to stay with his mother.

Fans on Reddit suspected that if Pivarnick and Larangiera weren’t divorced already, it was the direction they were heading in.

“Just finished watching the episode of JSFV and i must say as much as i hate Angelina god you can just feel her pain though,” the original poster wrote on Reddit. “What is everyone’s thoughts about Chris moving out stuff ? Do y’all think they are divorced?”

One person argued that Pivarnick had pushed Larangiera away. “Angelina never learned how to be mentally healthy. She has never taken accountability for her behaviors. I believe it will end in divorce, if not now, in future. This isnt a made up story line, she has demeaned her husband and constant arguing or fighting is not a solid relationship. Chris being in hotel was wrong, probably just tired of her shit.”

Other social media users agreed. “Maybe it’s because I’m a guy but I’d move out too. Everything I can see (and I know the show edits what makes TV), but she treats him like straight shit,” they said. “I’m not sure what life for them is like outside of tv, but if it’s like what we see then good for him.”

Pivarnick Revealed Larangeira Moved Out of Their Home

Pivarnick was forthcoming on “Jersey Shore” about Larangeira moving out of their home around Christmas.

“We got into a fight and he moved in with his mother and it’s been a few weeks now,” Pivarnick told MTV cameras on the June 10 episode of “Jersey Shore,” per E! Online.

“Chris leaving and taking down his stocking, ripping up his ‘Merry Christmas to my wife’ card, he wanted to see that card ripped up. He wanted to see that stocking gone,” she continued. “Chris wanted me to see all of his clothes gone. For him to do that to me over a fight is just not fair.”

Pivarnick even hired a lawyer because she wasn’t sure about the state of their marriage. “I didn’t want to hire a lawyer, but I felt like I needed to. He hired a lawyer,” she continued. “He blocked me. He won’t talk to me.”

According to Pivarnick, who placed a tracker on her husband’s car, the fight sparked after Larangiera went to get drinks with a 22-year-old girl and then went back to a hotel room with her. Larangiera maintained that nothing happened in the room.

Larangiera & Pivarnick Are Still Together

Despite going through some tough times, Larangiera and Pivarnick are still married.

Larangiera, who has now grown out a beard, attended the 2021 “MTV Movie & TV Awards: Unscripted” with Pivarnick.

Pivarnick still has Larangiera’s name on her Instagram page, though there aren’t any recent photos of her husband on her account.

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