It’s Essentially Stress-Free

A signature trait of the Animal Crossing games is how chill they are. That’s especially the case in New Horizons, where you make an isolated island your cosy new home. There are a lot of things you can do to keep yourself busy, and there’s a small learning curve to understand everything but you start getting into a flow once you do.
You will have the freedom to explore your island, build and make some discoveries. And the dynamic day/night setting helps set the mood in the game. If it’s daytime where you are, it will be the same in the game while when it’s night, it will also be so in the game. This can certainly make nighttime playing much easier on the eyes.

You can run around and collect items like seashells and dig for fossils. Doing stuff like this can clear the mind a bit as you play. There’s a nifty little shirt designer too so you can get lost in creation in that portion of the game if you’d like to.

Many Things to Collect

When you’re on an island, doesn’t it always seem like they have treasures and secrets to uncover? That’s the case with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There are many things you can snag up and add to your inventory. We mentioned seashells already but there are other things.

Once you craft a shovel, you can go digging around and find some goodies. This includes fossils which have two pretty cool purposes. One of those is the ability to use them as furniture for your house once it’s built. The other, you’ll see for yourself if you haven’t fired up the game yet or haven’t gotten too deep.

You can also get lucky and uncover bags of Bells. These little beauties are the currency in ACNH. You can use these to make some cool purchases including some limited-time items. You’ll regularly see crossover items from other classic Nintendo games including Super Mario.

Keeping Busy With Fun Activities

Aside from trying to build your island empire in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are a couple of other activities you can do if you want some extra action. You can go fishing in the beautiful ocean and try to grab some good fish which can be sold for Bells.

You can also go swimming once you craft a scuba diving suit. This will let you explore deep blue some more and make more discoveries. And as you walk around the island, you may come across special characters who will give you different tasks to tackle.

Finally, there is online play in the game. You can visit other players’ islands and see how they did their spot up. You can go and hang out and check out the decorations and such. This is fun if you just want a little change of pace or perhaps if you want a little inspiration for your own little paradise.

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