Arishi is a collaborative and consultative brand who aim to help their customers reach the right solution for their technology needs. Their history has seen them work with many organisations, agencies, and startups and have always strived to find the best, most technically straightforward and robust way to support them. Seen as the ‘technical go-to‘ for many companies, they are more than capable of the technical heavy lifting that can be hard to achieve in-house.

For a tech startup, Arishi can recommend, build, and customise the most appropriate technological solution precisely.

Arishi helps agencies take incredible ideas and turn them into technology that works perfectly in demanding environments such as stores, exhibitions and outdoors. They are happy to go heavy on the technical details so that their clients don’t have to.


Arishi is an experienced agency, and that means that they have had to keep up with trends and technologies since. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, he changed Apple‘s rainbow logo to a sleek metallic one. The rainbow design suddenly looked dated. It‘s a problem that experience and longevity bring. Unless you take your winning formula and shake it up a bit, add new ingredients and remove some others, it won‘t stay a winning formula for long. It can be a ‘Trigger‘s broom‘ scenario: Trigger, a popular character in a long-running British comedy show, claims that he‘s had his road sweeper’s broom for 20 years. But then he adds that the broom has had 17 new heads and 14 new handles.

“How can it be the same bloody broom, then?“ asks his co-star. Trigger produces a picture of him and his broom and asks: “What more proof do you need?“ And he is right; the ingredients have changed, but the service, the spirit, the heart and the soul have remained the same.

Arishi certainly did not need to change their fundamentals, their ethics, or their core beliefs; they just needed to better present them to a newer audience. Broom head or broom handle, if you keep making improvements and recognising when and where they are required, and when you need help, then you can keep your brand alive.


A complete rebranding including a new website UI design, brand guidelines, modern look and feel for their sales deck and an original proposal template document. We wanted to build further trust and proudly show off their values.

Using a primary colour palette that creates a fun, diverse, and punchy look and feel, the brand looks creative and professional and open for a secondary palette that adds more depth and styling options.

A clear and vivid logo was then broken up to create styling shapes that would be used across the design. Doing this meant that a uniformed look and brand feel was maintained subtly, yet profoundly.

Being based in both London and Abu Dhabi meant that some design choices would have to tweak to both audiences, and we did this by creating two different landing pages. Research suggested that a London based audience is more interested in knowing what the company does, and how they can back that up, as such the London home page is more descriptive, showing precisely what Arishi does.

For the Abu Dhabi side, we wanted something with more wow factor, London’s trendy sometimes retro style was replaced with a sleeker mix of new-school and old school. The Abu Dhabi site is flashier, more focused on animations, and more intent on wowing its audience.


A complete Appetite Creative Soul-ution. Unique and varied business cards show off the company colours and make a statement of design and quality, this is reflected again in the brand new email signatures which keep the designs consistent. The brand continues online, with social media templates doing what the stationary does offline throughout the entire digital world. The brand image has been jazzed up and the core values exposed and celebrated in a classy, impactful, open and consistent manner.

Client feedback

Appetite Creative approached our project with creativity and agility. The team captured our vision beautifully, gave us very credible design options to work through and did so without unnecessary consternation. We’ve worked with a lot of design agencies throughout the 20 years we’ve been in the industry and their engagement with us has been very refreshing.

Andrew Elia, managing director of Arishi

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