If you are like me, you feel that every aspect of your life deserves a killer soundtrack. From walking the dog in the park to prepping for that online meeting the next morning, you are entitled to have a break beat or a long guitar solo to cheer you on.

Understanding the joy of music in your life, Google and Apple have made it possible for the family of Nest products to stream Apple Music.

Adding Apple Music to Google Nest Is Quick and Easy

inbody apple music devices streaming
inbody apple music devices streaming

You are now able to pair your Google Assistant products to Apple Music with an easy setup. You only have to go through your Google Home app on your phone and link your Apple Music account.

Once linked, you can choose to make Apple Music your default streaming service or keep it as an extra app to be used later. After a quick pairing, you are off to having lunch-break jam sessions by saying, “Hey, Google, play my 80s Hair Band Playlist” or “Hey, Google, play my Dance Party Mix.”

Don’t have Apple Music and its catalog of 70+ million songs, exclusive original playlists, and live radio stations–all ad-free? Not a problem! Hop over to Apple.com to take advantage of their free trial membership for 90 days.

After the introductory three months, you can carry on with the service for $9.99/month for an individual plan. Have a household of people that need to get their funk on? Apple has you covered with their $14.99/month family plan. The family plan gives six people an individual account and shared access to each member’s existing music library.

Audio Entertainment Solutions for Your Home

Google Nest Audio products are made to give you great audio quality around your home with the ease of voice commands. Their sleek designs are made to project music outward and to fill the room, making you hear the music in ways you never have before.

Now that Google Nest has partnered with Apple Music, you can make these speakers really jam like the rock stars that they are. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of Google Nest products that you may want to get.

Nest Hub Max

inbody google home audio max record
Credit: Google

The Nest Hub Max gives you all the audiophile feels with a stout speaker system coupled with a nice HD screen to stream all your favorite content. Also included is a nifty camera that allows video messaging, hand-gesture commands, and face recognition to load your features quickly.

  • 10” HD touchscreen (1280×800)

  • 6.5-megapixels front-facing camera with 127-degree wide field of view and auto framing

  • Two 18mm tweeters

  • .75mm 30W woofer

  • Dimensions: 7.19 in x 9.85 in x 3.99 in | Weight: 2.91 lb

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Nest Audio

inbody google nest audio grey
inbody google nest audio grey

The Nest Audio delivers crisp audio fidelity with deep bass undertones that can turn any room into a dance floor. Nest Audio’s paired speaker system allows for you to hear the subtleties crafted in your favorite songs like the artist wanted you to, all in the comfort of your home.

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Nest Mini

inbody google nest mini blue
inbody google nest mini blue

The Nest Mini may have a petite stature, but its 360-degree speakers pack a punch way above its size. The modest design allows for placement anywhere in your home, making it easy to catch a tune in any room.

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Great Package Savings for Nest Products

inbody google nest audio blue christmas
inbody google nest audio blue christmas

To get your home equipped for your audio needs, Google has a couple of great package promotions that allow you to purchase Nest products at a discount. If you want to have “fill your home with sound” tech, the Home of Entertainment Package might be right for you. For just $423.97 ($55 off the regular price) you get a pair of Nest Audio Speakers, the video-capable Nest Hub Max, and a Chromecast to stream movies on your TV.

Need something to crank up the hits? There is also the bass-heavy Room-filling Audio Package. This package gets you a pair of the Nest Audio speakers for $179.98 ($20 off the regular price).

If you want something a tad bit smaller but still rich with audio quality, take advantage of the Audio Anywhere Package for $58 ($40 off the regular price). With this package you get two Nest Mini (2nd gen) speakers that can be stored anywhere to fill your home with music.

Free two-day shipping until December 24th on all Nest package purchases is the bow on top of your holiday shopping (use code HOLIDAY2DAY at checkout).

The pairing of Apple Music and Google Nest products eliminates needing to hum instead of listen to your favorite holiday song while hanging ornaments on the tree. Say, “Hey, Google, play my Holiday Playlist,” and sing your way into the new year.

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