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It’s been a year, people. 2020 has redefined our most rote behavior and basic day-to-day habits—from dining out to all things WFH. The holidays have a new look too, and we’re here to help. Not just to make it easier to navigate the weirdness of online company parties, but to bring joy and ease to gift shopping.

We’ve been tracking the best Black Friday deals like a hawk. And no, you’re not imagining it—retailers are dropping Black Friday deals earlier this year than ever before. It’s a move designed to encourage early online shopping so consumers can avoid crowded stores and bypass inevitable shipping delays in December.

We’ve actually gone beyond keeping an eye on the best sales by teaming up with Walmart to bring you the very best deals each day on everything from toys to electronics to home essentials. Our 30 Days of Savings event brings you special first-look offers and discounts every day, so you can stock up, relax easy, and enjoy the season as it was meant to be enjoyed. Here are today’s bargains.

Whether you know him as Baby Yoda or “The Child” (the Disney+ character’s official name), this big-eared, doe-eyed, non-human is the creature of the moment. In plush form, he’s one for the canon (populated by Elmo, Barney, and the rest). About a foot tall, and available for cuddling or posing (in his base), Baby Yoda is a nice gift for wee Star Wars fans, ages 3 and up. And at 30 percent off, you’re in for a “stellar” deal (ouch—sorry). Quality-wise, shoppers give this gift high marks. There are hundreds of five-star reviews with words like “adorable” and “realistic-looking.” The cuteness is strong in this one. So is the hype, so you better scoop this up and take off with it quicker than the Mando’s spaceship.

Shop it: Star Wars Baby Yoda Plush Toy,$17 (was $25),

Get those blankets. Outdoor hangs are continuing well into the cool weather. So now’s the right time to improve your setup—and benefit from this “off-season” discount. This understated steel-frame upholstered outdoor furniture set is sleek and modern but still comfortable (a rare confluence of adjectives). And the price is more than right. For $240 you get a loveseat, a pair of chairs, and a coffee table with a tempered-glass top (it can take the heat of piping hot mugs of spiked cider). Seating looks great six feet apart (you know the rules). Steel frames repel rust. If you’re inspired, add an outdoor heater to distribute toasty warm air, and you can consider your social life fully winterized.

Shop it: Mainstays Stanton 4-Piece Patio Furniture, $240 (was $269),

We like to think that the more complex the audio name, the better the sound. Cschidworld is definitely a mouthful—so pay attention. Walmart is offering up the brand’s $100 earbuds for just $26? Many reviewers use phrases like “blown away” regarding the sound quality and gush about these buds’ battery life. Bluetooth 5.0 means a stable connection from up to 33 feet away, and three sizes of ear-caps make for a comfortably snug fit, no matter. Tap a single button to curate music and manage incoming calls. These lightweight buds charge right in their case. This is one of those universal gifts you can grab and stash, so you don’t have to stress about who you forgot. An extra pair for yourself is not a bad idea either.

Shop it: Cshidworld Mini Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0, $26 (was $100),

In the great tradition of Rockem Sockem Robots comes this much more refined pair of enemies. Two Ninja Bots—Red Dragon and Black Tiger (powered by AAA batteries)—duke it out with their unique arsenal of movements, sounds, and weapons (we’re partial to the spatula and the boot on a rope!). Before they battle, they must be “trained.” Kids coach their robots to prep them for battle—and it takes a while (in a good way). Hilarious antics ensue, including comical victory dances. Parent-reviewers rave about this set, saying it entertains kids for hours at a time. It’s interactive, social, creative, and it keeps kids off screens. Award-winning and super-popular, this toy is a hit. So jump on this deal now. At 33 percent off, these Battling Ninja Bots—recommended for ages 6 to 11—will likely fly off the shelves.

Shop it: Battling Ninja Bots,$30 (was $45),

There’s a lot to love about this 32-inch LED TV from Walmart’s new house brand, Onn—starting with the price. It’s just $108 (you’ve probably paid more for a fancy dinner). With rich color, great audio, and easy on-screen instructions for a quick setup, according to reviewers (“from unboxing to fully mounted…15, 20 minutes tops”), this Roku TV gives you access to thousands of channels. At 32 inches, it’s right-sized for a smaller space. (Many buyers notes it’s the perfect dimensions for their home office, workout space, guest room.) This makes an impressive gift, obviously, and looks like it set you back way more than it did. Note: TVs have been selling out in hours. So if you want this, grab it now.

Shop it: Onn LED Roku Smart TV, $108,

With stay-inside board-game season rapidly approaching, this Monopoly/SuperMario collab is a great gift. What to expect when the 1935 classic is given a 2020 Mario twist? Forget hotels, utilities, and stacks of pastel paper money; this version trots out mushroom-shaped Toad houses, Princess Peach castles, and gold coins from the Super Mario universe. And if all those visuals from the video game set the Mario 8-bit theme song a-playin’ in your head, well, you’re on point: this board game has sound effects (think Bowser’s evil laugh and Mario’s sizing-up sound). A great go-to for multigenerational family game nights. Our recommendation: Buy this hot toy now before it sells out (and it will sell out). It’s a stealth way to get kids hooked on board games—and maybe ease them into the classic versions. Everybody wins.

Shop it: Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition Board Game,$25 (was $30),

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