(Manifestations of White Supremacy in Design Participants Julia Bond (Assistant Apparel Designer at ADIDAS), Danielle McCoy (Designer at Wieden + Kennedy) and Justin Morris (Creative Director at Kamp Grizzly). Session moderated by Jason Graham / MOsley WOtta | Photo courtesy of Scalehouse)

These are tough and tumultuous times. Yet they open up new opportunities for conversation, creativity and positive change. Explore the possibilities at Bend Design Week 2020!

Join us online for a COVID-safe week featuring a diverse range of creative thinkers, designers and artists. We’ll delve deep and learn: How to get grounded and inspired during crazy times. How to work with our vulnerability to find purpose and power as creatives. How to work our way through the insecurities of “imposter syndrome.”

And much more.

We’ll dig into meaningful talks, hands-on workshops, film screenings and lively discussions. As in years past, our programming addresses social justice and gives space to underrepresented voices. Tune in from the comfort of your own device and become the change. Register for Bend Design Week 2020. Following Bend Design, speaker presentations, panels and Q+A sessions will be accessible for 30 days.

Pricing: General Admission – $100 | Students – $50

Register at scalehouse.org/benddesign.

2020 Creative Thinkers, Designers & Artists

Manifestations of White Supremacy in Design
Hear from a diverse panel of Black creatives (see above photo caption) on their experiences working in Oregon’s white-dominated design industry.


Equality By Design: Cultural Impact Through Creative Leadership
This is the moment for the creative community to take the stage in driving equity and equality through our work and within our design industry. Greg draws from his past experiences leading design, advertising, and marketing for the Nike brand to illustrate which characteristics of creative leadership need to be elevated to power meaningful and lasting positive cultural impact.


Interdisciplinary Artist
Three films by and about Meredith Monk
Renowned composer, singer, director/choreographer and filmmaker Meredith Monk has greatly influenced the evolution of contemporary arts, music, film and performance with her groundbreaking interdisciplinary work. Bend Design will stream three days of films by and about Ms. Monk, culminating in a live Q&A with the artist.


School of Visual Arts Chair
Lemonade from Lemons: Finding Inspiration During Crazy Times
I started a spanking new job as chair of the largest undergraduate design and advertising program in the country just one semester before the pandemic struck. After a summer of endless Zoom meetings and much hand-wringing, I’m ready to start the new academic year. How do you find inspiration to keep yourself going during such a painful time in the country, and in the world? How do you make lemonade from lemons? Please join me for a look at fun and shiny objects that keep my spirits up, and hear some [hopefully]inspiring words to help keep us all afloat creatively.


American Artist & Product Designer
Find Your Art
Can art be a spiritual practice? By the way, what is art? What is good art? What is a spiritual practice? Will it help us find our purpose? Why do we keep obsessing over our purpose? Who are we? Are we supernatural beings? Is art supernatural? Does quantum physics have any answers? Is God a man-made design? Does that mean God is real, or not real? Am I flawed or are they flawed? It certainly matters — but why? This and other unanswerable questions about purpose, shame and vulnerability with Shabazz Larkin, founder of Larkin Art & Company in Nashville Tennessee.


Principal at Hacker Architects
Drawing From Landscape with Greg Hoffman
How can built spaces make us feel more connected to the landscape — and to each other? Global brand and design leader Greg Hoffman joins Corey Martin, principal at Hacker Architects, for creative conversation. The two will discuss Hacker’s award-winning approach to architecture in the Pacific Northwest, amply visible in iconic Central Oregon structures such as Lakeside at Black Butte Ranch, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship building on Skyline in Bend and the upcoming Grove at Northwest Crossing. All three spaces represent a unique relationship between the natural and built environments. Greg and Corey will also discuss their creative collaboration on the High Desert House right here in Bend, for which Greg and his family were Hacker’s clients.


Design Matters Podcast Host + Transdisciplinary Graphic Designer
Design Matters with podcast host Debbie Millman and artist Laurie Haycock Makela
Join us for the Design Matters interview as podcast host Debbie Millman returns to BendDesign. This year Debbie interviews AIGA medalist Laurie Haycock Makela, a leading voice in transdisciplinary graphic design practice and education for more than three decades. Recently, Makela designed the book Speechless: Different by Design and was one of six artists collaborating on the celebrated multisensory exhibition at the Dallas Art Museum.


speechless: different by design (a case study)
Described by Forbes as a new exhibition that bucks the status quo…broadening the idea of visual communication, the multisensory exhibition Speechless: Different by Design wowed visitors to the Dallas Art Museum. In her talk, Laurie Haycock Makela will discuss the exhibition itself, together with the book she designed for this extraordinary project, which focused on the senses, not language. Makela will also discuss other recent work, such as a poster designed in collaboration with April Greiman for the AIGA Get Out the Women’s Vote initiative.


Fort Wick + Precious Bugarin Design & Portland State University
You Belong Here: Imposter syndrome and creating a culture of belonging
Imposter syndrome is the feeling that you’re not good enough, undeserving of your success or that people will discover that you’re a big fraud. Perhaps you feel you have to fake it until you make it. Maybe you feel unworthy of the position you’re in or afraid to move forward into a new one. In this workshop, Precious and Jen will lead you through conversations and creative exercises to explore imposter syndrome and its effects on your creative life. With new insight, you can deeply believe in your value and better advocate for yourself (and others!) at work and in life. We want you to unplug from the dominant culture narrative that you need to be perfect or be like anyone else in order to grow, learn, thrive and belong.


In complicated times, we often lose a sense of groundedness. Almost ironically, groundedness is exactly what is needed as we sift through oceans of information every day — information that tells us who we are as individuals and as a species. Awe-inspiring experiences clear the clutter and recalibrate our relationship to the universe, giving us a better perspective, making way for clarity of mind and bringing about a more confident sense of purpose.


Everything I need to know about business I learned at the cocktail bar.
In today’s digitally focused society, where most of our attention is spent staring at a screen, sacred spaces like the cocktail bar allow for genuine human connection to take place, one on one. Even in times of great despair such as The Great Depression, the industries that stayed resilient were entertainment (film) and hospitality (bars). In this workshop we will learn the Ten Tenets of hospitality and being of service, and how you can use these timeless classics in your own practice. The first tenet is Mise en place: Keep your house in order. Register for the workshop to learn all ten tenets.


Seeing Different
We are all built to see the world differently. It’s one of our unique, innovative traits. We all say we want to be a part of changing the world, but how do we actually accomplish this? Can we actually make a difference? This presentation will give you thoughts, prompts and examples of how you can use your gifts to See Different.


Three-Piece Band
Bluebook Performance in the Sonic Loom
Music, light and textiles meet in an installation called the Sonic Loom. Join three-piece band Bluebook performing a set of smouldering chamber pop (The Denver Post) inside their large scale textile and light installation. Through the loom, Bluebook will present a liminal, transformative space and offer their audience a unique audiovisual experience.


Film Directed by Ai Weiwei
Human Flow
Over 65 million people around the world have been forced from their homes to escape famine, climate change and war in the greatest human displacement since World War II. Human Flow, an epic film journey led by the internationally renowned artist Ai Weiwei, gives a powerful visual expression to this massive human migration. The documentary elucidates both the staggering scale of the refugee crisis and its profoundly personal human impact.


Film Directed by Adam James Smith
Americaville followed by Live Q&A
Hidden among the mountains north of Beijing, a replica of the Wyoming town of Jackson Hole promises to deliver the American Dream to its several thousand Chinese residents. In Americaville, Annie Liu escapes China’s increasingly uninhabitable capital city to pursue happiness, freedom, romance and spiritual fulfillment in Jackson Hole — only to find the American idyll harder to attain than what was promised.


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