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The Omeril 3 Pack Fabric Workout Bands add intensity to home workouts without adding clutter.

The Omeril 3 Pack Fabric Workout Bands add intensity to home workouts without adding clutter.

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When it comes to creating a home gym setup, for many people, less is more. We don’t all have the luxury of dedicating an entire room to fitness, so if you’re looking to make a large impact within a small space there are still plenty of options to help you work up a sweat.

Dumbbells, skipping ropes, and yoga mats are easy to tuck away once you’re finished using them, and can be used in a variety of different ways to target different muscle groups. Resistance bands are also helpful for making any home workout more challenging without taking up too much room.

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One set of non-slip resistance bands has been marked down to just $19 on Amazon Canada, making them a worthy investment for any fitness enthusiast who’s tight on space.

The details

The Omeril 3 Pack Fabric Workout Bands makes for a great addition to any home gym, and can be used for a variety of leg, butt, hip, and glute exercises. This set of fitness bands includes three convenient colors, which are each designed with a different resistance level: green (15-25lbs), purple (25-35lbs), and black (35-50lbs).

Suitable for all fitness levels, you can easily tailor your training depending on your strength, ability and comfort.

Omeril 3 Pack Fabric Workout Bands are on sale for just $19. Image via Amazon.

Omeril 3 Pack Fabric Workout Bands are on sale for just $19. Image via Amazon.

SHOP IT: Amazon, $19 (originally $27)

Unlike rubber resistance bands which can often shift around or cut into your body while you move, the Omeril bands are designed with a high-quality stretch fabric exterior and an elastic interior.

Once you’re finished with the bands, they can simply stored away for the next time in their carrying case.

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What shoppers are saying

Amazon customers have been loving the Omeril 3 Pack Fabric Workout Bands for their home workouts, and they have earned a stellar 4.7-star rating from more than customer 2,000 reviews.

“These have been really good during this pandemic period where gyms have been closed and a lot of us have been relying solely on home workouts. These are good for leg days where running and bodyweight work is not enough,” reads one review.

“These are durable, challenging, they don’t roll, and you can use them for many different workouts — from banded jump squats and lateral leg raises to banded hip thrusts and more,” reads another.

Omeril 3 Pack Fabric Workout Bands. Image via Amazon.

Omeril 3 Pack Fabric Workout Bands. Image via Amazon.

Shoppers have also embraced these fitness bands as a better alternative to rubber resistance bands, especially with their ability to stay in place throughout a workout.

“These bands beat the elastic ones by a million miles. They don’t stick to my skin after a workout, nor do they cause burns,” one helpful reviewer shared. “The band stays put and does not require a lot of adjustments during workout. Makes an otherwise not so pleasant (but must be done) task just a bit more enjoyable.”

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The verdict

Since space is at a premium for many people spending their time at home these days, any ways to take advantage of what you’ve already got on hand is a plus. These resistance bands have been a great addition to many home workouts within the past year, and have earned a solid reputation from fans online.

Some reviewers have found that the resistance level doesn’t quite hold up to all poses, but at just $19 they’re an affordable buy that won’t clutter up your space.

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