A sofa is one of the most used pieces of furniture in a household. It is the center of entertainment, relaxation and some couches can be converted to an extra bed. You need your sofa to be comfortable and inviting to your guests.

When hunting for sofa upholstery fabrics some of the questions you should have in mind should be, how durable do you want the fabric to be? How fast will you be to clean

Keeping in mind that you want your sofa to be an important asset in your home, you need to consider other factors that make a good sofa. This will include the framing and not just the fabric.

With that said, this article is going to focus on the best sofa fabrics for winter. I will share several fabrics that are more suitable for the frosty season, a list of what you should watch out for regarding the specific fabric, and suggest stores where you can purchase them from.


1.  Jacquard

There has always been a massive selection of sofa fabrics that you can choose from, but when it comes to the cold season, not a lot of those fabrics will be best suitable for this cold weather. Choosing the wrong fabric might cost you on durability, etcetera.

Jacquard tops my list because it is highly resistant to water, mold, mildew, stains and because it is made up of a combination of cotton, polyester, and silk to provide enough layers to make it warm.

Another thing about jacquard fabric is that because it is water-resistant, it can be used for outdoor sofa and other furniture. I also would recommend jacquard not only because it is perfect for winter but also because it is very durable if well maintained. Most of the other winter-friendly fabrics I’ll list will flatten out with time.

The other plus is that it is available in almost all furniture or fabric stores and its cost is relatively cheap. You can purchase it online at some designated furniture store like Homesquare company or you can visit any store near you.


2.  Velvet

Right from its name, this fabric feels luxurious! The luxury in velvet is because of its matte finish. You have probably heard a lot of misconceptions about this beautiful fabric. To name a few, it is expensive, hard to maintain, and can easily wear out.

Myth-busting this, I affirm that what they must have missed out is that there are different types of velvet. There is cotton, silk, microfibre, nylon, panne, and velveteen velvet. With these different types, some are completely not suitable for sofas while some are.

Velvet sofas are usually made from cotton velvet. This creates a perfect amalgamation of softness, comfort, and luxury perfectly needed during the cold winter season.

Velvet sofas are best suited to homes with no pets because if your dog tends to scratch the sofa, it might damage it. Cleaning velvet sofas can be done easily by wiping them with a dry piece of cloth or you can vacuum.


3.  Chenille

What then makes this fabric so distinct and winter-friendly from all others? Well, chenille is often made of cotton, polyester, and Viscose. This combination creates a thick pile with a beautiful sheen making it feel very soft and luxurious.

This thick layer makes it very warm and will be best suitable when you want to relax and cozy up on your couch during this cold season. Cotton by itself is a warm fabric, however, if used purely it is more likely to crease and lose shape over time. Therefore I recommend that if you want to choose cotton, opt for tougher weaves of the same.

Chenille is made of a thick layer that easily absorbs any spilled liquid which may cause a hard stain and will therefore be difficult to clean. When it comes to regular cleaning, it should not be a hard task, vacuuming with a soft brush will perfectly work. Washing with too much water will damage the fabric.

Chenille can be purchased at a local furniture store near you or online because there are dozens of home furniture companies. If you are opting for the latter, then be sure to read consumer feedback on the product or the company making it before purchase.



If you already own a sofa that is not winter-friendly you don’t have to throw them away there are ways you can prepare your sofa for winter. This is by adding extra cushions, throws and it is plus if your sofa is of a warmer color, this will retain more heat.