KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) — Temperatures are back up and air conditioners are working overtime. Are you doing everything you can to save money while we’re back in the upper-90s?

These may not seem like huge cost savers up front, but over the course of the summer months you should see modest savings on your cooling bill. 

First, your dad meant it when he said he wasn’t cooling the entire neighborhood. Make sure that precious cool air stays INSIDE your home by making sure all doors and windows close tightly. To dive deep, you can consult your utility provider for an at home energy audit. If you don’t want to spend on that, walk around the exterior of your home and run your hand along windows and doors. If you feel cold air escaping, consider adding insulation and caulking to prevent leaks. 

Next, think about investing in a programable thermostat. Yes, there are the expensive ones you see advertised online that you can connect your phone to, but even a cheaper one where you manually enter a schedule can save you money. Just adjust the schedule to not cool as much when you’re not at home. Also, make sure you thermostat isn’t located on an exterior wall or in direct sunlight. The best place is a spot in your home where there aren’t large temperature extremes, like an interior hallway. 

Speaking of air conditioners, make sure yours is regularly serviced and the condenser unit (the outside part of your AC) is clean and clear of any debris. You can use your garden hose to clear out any leaves or grass clippings. 

Also, use your ceiling fans! By circulating air in the house, you can set your thermostat a few degrees higher without sacrificing comfort. Make sure your fan is spinning the right way for summer, counterclockwise. You should feel a freeze directly below the fan blades. 

Lastly, saving money can be as easy as keeping your blinds closed. Blocking direct sunlight from coming in the home can really help in keeping things cool Window treatments on the exterior of the home can help keeping the sunshine out entirely. 

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