Carson Wentz, $1.7M farmhouse with hunting room, cornfields


IndyStar Insider Jim Ayello breaks down the Colts’ trade for Carson Wentz.

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INDIANAPOLIS — Not even 3,500 people live in Woodstown, N.J., but one of them is Carson Wentz. And this town, seemingly, makes perfect sense for the 6-5, redheaded, NFL quarterback known for his love of camouflage pants, bison burgers and backward ballcaps.

Plopped in the middle of Woodstown — a borough with a population of 3,456 and a place locals boast as “the epitome of a small-town feel” — is an 11-acre plot with a $1.7 million country home owned by Wentz.

But not for long.

The real estate listing describes Wentz’s home as a “masterpiece of modern mixed with mountain style living,” located about 30 miles from Philadelphia. (Photo: Screenshot of Keller Williams Realty page)

With Wentz’s trade from Philadelphia to the Indianapolis Colts in February, Wentz had plenty of things to get in order. One of them happened earlier this month — putting his 7,500-square-foot, 5-bedroom home up for sale.

Beyond the dark gray and stone exterior, the home features a copper-style farmhouse sink, barn house sliding doors, a bonus hunting room and a terrace that features an outdoor kitchen, heated pool and views of a pond.

The real estate listing describes Wentz’s home as a “masterpiece of modern mixed with mountain style living,” located about 30 miles from Philadelphia. It sits adjacent to a 23-acre farm, also for sale.

Carson Wentz’s $1.7 million Woodstown, N.J., home is nestled among farm fields. (Photo: Screenshot of Keller Williams Realty page)

In the world of NFL quarterback real estate, Wentz’s home is modest. But for a professional athlete, it is the perfect retreat, especially for one like Wentz, who’s not known for big-city living.

Wentz was born in North Carolina and his family moved to North Dakota when he was 3. He played high school football in Bismarck and college in Fargo at North Dakota State.

Once playing for the Eagles and living in his Woodstown home, Wentz still reveled in his home state. He often went back for visits, including a July 2017 retreat with his Eagles wide receivers. The people of Fargo were thrilled.

“I don’t want to make it seem like people in Fargo are like ‘aw, shucks,’ but with this they kind of were,” Beth Hoole, sports director at Valley News Live in Fargo, told The Ringer after the trip.  

On that retreat, Wentz’s teammates revealed his love of simple living. He chauffeured them around in his pickup, wore camouflage shorts and flip-flops.

“We’re out here in North Dakota, man,” Jordan Matthews, then with the Eagles, said on a Periscope video. “Ain’t no rap stations on the radio or nothing baby. It’s straight bison burgers, country music and redheads — shoutout to Carson Wentz.”

When he retuned to Fargo for a youth football camp in 2019, Wentz told Valley News Live where a person comes from doesn’t mean a thing.

“If you can play, you can play,” he said. “I would just always tell myself to keep dreaming big.”

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Wednesday November 2, 2022