Even in an age of credit cards and cash apps, the wallet is still a stylish calling card. Beyond just holding your money and assorted plastic, it’s a personalized distillation of you in a small leather enclosure. 

Receipts, scraps of paper, your supermarket club card – where else are these assorted bits supposed to live? Right now, you can help reshape someone’s entire concept of their own identity with a cool new wallet this holiday season. They’re each now on sale at up to 82% off their regular price.

Defender RFID-Blocking Leather Card Holder – $29.99; originally $49

Wallets that can protect you from the modern day pickpocket are all the rage, which is why this radio-frequency identification (RFID)-shielding card holder is so functionally elegant. Along with safeguarding the personal data on your cards from being stolen, this slick, black leather holder is also a style statement.

Vault RFID-Blocking Leather Wallet – $34.99; originally $69

This bi-fold model also sports RFID blocking sewn into the lining of its black leather interior. You won’t get skimmed – and you’ll also have a cool way to carry all your important valuables with you safely.

RFID Antimicrobial Copper Wallet – $39.99; originally $85

It can hold up to 12 cards, yet it’s the slimmest wallet you’ll ever own. Along with the RFID protection, this wallet has protections of a different kind, thanks to its antimicrobial copper surface. The copper automatically snuffs off any bacteria, viruses, or other harmful particles it touches.

Hero Goods: Bryan Bi-Fold Wallet – $12.99; originally $55

Hero Goods: Adams Wallet – $11.99; originally $45

Hero Goods: Garfield Bi-Fold Wallet – $12.99; originally $75

Hero Goods: James Bi-Fold Wallet – $12.99; originally $70

No matter which style works for you, Hero Goods has you covered with four different varieties to suit the way you want to carry your cash around. Plus, each is made from a vegan-friendly faux leather material, so you know no animal was hurt to make it.

First, the Bryan has a fold-out design with four interior pockets for holding your cards, cash, and other important stuff.

Meanwhile, the Adams is a closed model, with two interior pockets on one side, and a third on the other. This minimalist carrier is great for quick access to a card or money before slipping it right back in your pocket.

The Garfield is the one that will remind you the most of a traditional bill-fold wallet. With three card pockets on either side, this one should suit the guy who has a lot to tote around in that compact space.

Finally, the James is almost like carrying a wallet with its own pouch inside. In addition to holding a pair of cards, it’s also got a pocket that opens about an inch, offering room for a key, a small trinket, or another tiny object you need to have with you.

WalletGuard24: Smart Bluetooth Wallet – $79.95; originally $89

For the forgetful, this smart wallet is a god-send. Just sync this genuine leather wallet to your smartphone and no matter where you leave your wallet, you can always find your way back to it. And, the wallet itself will beep if you get out of range – and even sound a burglar alarm if a thief tries to rip you off.

Cashew Smart Wallet with Biometrics and Bluetooth – $99.95; originally $149

This smart wallet doesn’t just alert you when you leave it behind. It’s got biometric locks in place – so, if your fingerprint isn’t the right one, there’s no way you get inside. It holds up to 20 different fingerprints and it’ll even send you an alert if someone tries to get in via tampering.

Dash Bando Slim Utility Wallet – $13.99; originally $25

Successfully backed on Kickstarter, this functionally svelte wallet has a pair of quickdraw slots for pulling plastic fast, and even a secret compartment. Made from premium leather canvas, this durable, water-resistant holder can hold up to 10 cards, and is ready for anything you throw at it.

Govo T4 Badge Holder/Wallet – $17.99; originally $24

If you need to carry a work ID around, this is what happens when a card holder and a wallet get together. The metal clip attaches this holder right to your belt or keychain, it holds up to four cards, including your license and work ID, and these also a clip to hold loose cash.

Ezgo Original Wallet – $20.99; originally $30

Modern, buoyant, slim, and lightweight, this minimalist wallet has no moving parts – but can do it all. It’s designed to hold up to eight cards, yet still lets you keep a work ID or license right on top and facing outward for fast ID checks. Everything stays locked in place, including the standard SD or two microSD memory cards for stashing your digital media for when you need it.

Bando 2.0 Multi-Functional Slim Wallet – $23.95; originally $30

With ultra-thin saffiano canvas that makes it strong and long-lasting, this wallet has a pull-tab card organizer that handles up to 10 cards for easy access. Along with the cash band on the back for holding your paper, there’s also a secret compartment inside for keeping a key, memory card, or another critical item.

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