Buying a car online can be a risky task.

Second-hand vehicles often come with a few bumps, scratches and expected wear and tear, but one unsuspecting shopper was shocked when the Kia Picanto she came across on Depop was anything but its description of having just “a couple of scratches”.

The car – costing £5,000 – is described as red, used, and in excellent condition. The seemingly sarcastic description states: “Selling brand new Kia Picanto. Perfect first car, drives smoothly and accelerates gracefully.

“I won’t lie it has got a couple of scratches, silly me. But other than that it’s in perfect condition hence the reasonable price.”

Wrecked car
The car appeared to be a little worse for wear

Instead of the slightly scratched car which Depop shoppers were expecting to see, they were instead confronted with a completely different reality.

The carefully chosen picture used to sell the car shows the vehicle flipped on its roof, covered in a few major dents and scratches.

To make things worse, all of the windows are completely smashed in.

The interior of the car cannot be seen but the exterior paintwork shows scratches, rust, and dirt (as well as being on its roof) – suggesting that the next owner of this car will be worlds away from riding in style as the hashtag suggests.

The listing was screenshotted and posted to social media with the caption: “I’m done with Depop” and the post received hundreds of likes.

One user said: “BNWOT” which stands for brand new without tags. A second added: “This has to be a joke” and another simply said: “What the f***?”

The Kia Picanto is often a popular car for first-time owners, but they’ll need to come with some pretty low standards to consider putting in an offer.

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