With fall officially here, it’s finally time to start cooking all of our favorite cold weather dishes, like soups, stews and braises. While a stock pot can accomplish a lot in the kitchen, a sturdy Dutch oven offers superior cooking and will last a lifetime. And if a Dutch oven has been on your wishlist for a while (or you’re looking to add to your collection), Williams-Sonoma is currently offering a limited-time-only sale on Staub Dutch ovens that’s too good to pass up.

Technically a “French oven,” Staub vessels are a popular alternative to the famous Le Creuset Dutch oven, and similarly have a cult following. Made in France, Staub cast iron Dutch ovens have an enamel coating that makes them resistant to rust, chipping and cracking to help them last for decades. Plus, the enamel coating requires no additional seasoning, so they’re much easier to clean and care for than standard cast iron cookware. (So easy, in fact, that Staub ovens can go right into the dishwasher.)

Staub’s Dutch ovens are exceedingly versatile, too. Designed for all types of heavy duty cooking, like searing off big hunks of meat, simmering soups, slow-cooking risotto and even baking bread, Staub ovens can be used for virtually any dish that you’d bake or prepare on the stove.

And they also have some cool functional and aesthetic features, like the essential oven’s domed Chistera lid, which has subtle spikes that promote self-basting to keep food moist, and the 6-quart oven’s whimsical stainless steel cochon pig knob.

Staub Enameled Cast Iron Round Wide Dutch Oven, 6-Qt.

Not surprisingly, reviewers rave about Staub Dutch ovens online. “The heat capability of the pan is amazing — heats up quickly and evenly,” one five-star reviewer wrote. Others say the pans just make cooking (and cleaning up after easier), with one noting that, “the black enamel interior makes for better browning and easy clean up.”

Staub Enameled Cast Iron Oval Dutch Oven

There’s even one oval Dutch oven in the mix that’s big enough to fit a turkey. “Love the dimensions of this pan,” a five-star reviewer wrote. “It is perfect for stews with large meat pieces — think braised beef short ribs or osso buco.”

Each Staub Dutch oven comes in a range of attention-grabbing colors, like sapphire, rich cranberry, classic cherry and dark turquoise, and right now, you can score one — or several — Staub ovens for more than 50% off. And if you’re interested in getting the whole range of Staub cookware, Williams-Sonoma has also slashed prices on some of the brand’s stoneware baking pans, cast-iron frying pans and a grill pan and press, so now is a good time to stock up.

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