We live in a time of change. Nowhere is this more apparent than in real estate. Many people are waving goodbye to the house they have lived in for years. They are moving on. They are moving to a bigger — or smaller — house. And they need help doing it.

Lots of work needs to be done before your house is ready to sell. Staging is the operative word here. Staging a property to attract potential buyers should not be taken lightly. A property that is well-staged — inside and outside — can get a quick signature on that sales contract.

Specialists take care of staging. They have a designer’s eye, know exactly how far to go in their design to appeal to that buyer you want to attract. Stagers set up the property from curb appeal considerations to wiping away that last spec of dust on the kitchen appliances.


Marie Kristoff operates Flemington Decor, where the focus is on design work. Her retail store is located at 139 Main St. in Flemington.

It all began more than half a century ago. Over the years, Marie has handled a multitude of clients — residential and commercial. Projects have ranged from 500 to 16,000 sq. ft., and these have included homes, public spaces, boutique retailers, and small commercial offices.

“My expertise and services include interior design, antique furniture, art procurement and installation, wall coverings, window treatments, and lighting,” she notes.

She is sensitive and responsive to the client’s vision. She is committed to design that highlights the interrelationships between architecture, space, form, color, materials, economy and design integrity. She effortlessly collaborates with clients, architects, artisans, and contractors, bringing them all together to create the finished design desired for the home or commercial building space. Her big inventory of fabrics includes works from designers and mills in the United States and beyond.

“My design philosophy can be easily summed up,” Marie says. “The focus is always on the client — interior environments must reflect a client’s lifestyle and aesthetic aspirations. Solutions must reflect the project budget. All our proposed designs will be explained in comprehensive presentations. And great attention will be paid to each and every step.”

Marie is very much hands-on with each client. She leverages an impressive range of experience and skills to handle many aspects of each project herself — rather than subcontracting various components to others.

“Clients come to me for design work in their homes and offices,” she notes. “Consultations on new furniture selections, updating existing furniture, interior color planning, and window treatments are some of our most sought-after services.”


So, Flemington Decor can work with you on many levels. You might just want to refresh and revamp that tired and dated space you call home. Or, you might want to get the place ready to attract that buyer you know is out there with a whole house staging.

Others might want more light streaming through the windows, and new window treatments could nicely solve that problem. Or, perhaps that armchair is getting threadbare and could really brighten up the room with a re-upholstering with a fabric a little more today.

For more information and to make an appointment to begin, call Marie at 908-782-5111. Also go through her website at FlemingtonDecor.com or her Facebook page.


Clutter accumulates. And clutter gets dusty.

Whether you’re selling your home or not, you gotta clean up the place.

Patricia Hammel operates NJ Cleaning Fairies.com. It’s a locally-owned female business based in Washington.

“We do move-outs or move-ins,” says Patricia. “We’ll clean houses or offices.”

This company can sterilize with steam to 240 degrees. And they will tackle those “gross spots” you never are able to get clean.

“And we have all-natural and organic options for kids, pets and others,” she explains. “Some need to stay away from harsh chemicals,” They will also clean your place without using any chemicals.

Patricia is on every job. She directs her girls as they clean, and they are fully trained.

“We’re fully insured, and all our girls are background checked,” she says.

NJ Cleaning Fairies can do a one time cleaning for your home or apartment, or you can have an on-going arrangement. Quotes are free.

The company serves Warren, Hunterdon, Sussex and Morris counties in New Jersey. In addition, services are provided in Northampton and Monroe counties in Pennsylvania.

If you are planning a staging of your home to get ready to sell, you need to arrange a thorough cleaning. Even if you have no plan to sell, you deserve a clean place to hang your hat.

Get a quote by calling Patricia at 908-674-2189 and check out the website at NJcleaningFairies.com.

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