In a time when we’re spending less time together interacting on a personal level, it’s more important than ever that your direct and indirect interactions with customers and potential customers speaks to them and encourages them to act.

While there are advantages to both print and digital outreach, with a combination of both being part of the typical mix, there are some important points to keep in mind regardless of the outreach channel being used.

Personalization is key: When designing your communication, look for ways to make it as personal to the recipient as possible. Instead of giving your postcard or email message a generalized greeting, such as “Dear Neighbor” or “To the residents of,” address the recipient by name. To take it a step further, customize your campaign to fit what the customer is looking for. If you have a list of customers who have previously bought a service or product from you, include a coupon for a discount on their next purchase. If you are targeting your campaign at new customers, include a free consultation or gift when they visit your business. Use incentives that reflect customer spending habits to maximize their potential.

Utilize the senses: A wonderful aspect of outreach is the ability to customize nearly every detail of its design, which in turn can make the material you send stand out from the rest of the “junk.” When creating your next flyer, brochure or electronic communication, incorporate unique design elements such as eye-catching colors and distinct imagery.

Complete the circle: Living in the digital age means incorporating print methods with digital ones, too. Make your multi-channel campaigns effective by unifying them through design and messaging and bring it back full circle. The imagery of your direct mail flyers should reflect the design of your digital ads, and the word choice should remain cohesive. If you’re looking to integrate the print and digital platforms even further, include a QR code on your print materials to drive recipients to your online website. The scannable feature will make it even easier for consumers to interact with your campaign in a meaningful way. Plus, it creates an ability to capture campaign data.

Multi-faceted communication campaigns offer a wide range of customization and potential for creating meaningful interactions with your new and existing customers, reminding them of what you can do for them and why they want to work with or buy from you.

Todd Hinson is owner of Allegra Marketing Print Mail in Rocky Mount.

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