The new outdoor smart plug from Lutron is heat, dust, and water resistant. A new partnership with Ring is also announced.

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One of the most powerful smart lightning control systems in the world—Lutron Caséta—is getting a new gadget for 2021 after the company took the wraps off a new outdoor smart plug at CES 2021.

Described as “best-in-class,” the outdoor plug comes with an IP65 rating, meaning it will be able to withstand every from a sandstorm to heavy snow.

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On a more practical level, the addition of a smart plug to the range means users will now be able to control outdoor thematic lighting such as string lights and holiday lights, as well as security floodlights and other safety devices.

Naturally, you can set up timers and other routines via the app, as well as turning the lights on/off remotely.

Matt Swatsky, Lutron’s Vice-President, said he was confident that the plug would be a valuable addition to users’ setups:

It’s essentially weatherproof, dirtproof, and sunproof. A homeowner can now enjoy all the benefits of a Caséta system for their outside spaces.

The smart plug also supports voice commands. Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Ring video doorbells and cameras are all integrated.

Lutron has confirmed that the new outdoor smart plug will hit the shelves in March 2021 and will cost $80 at launch.

What Else Is New From Lutron at CES 2021?

Lutron’s new outdoor smart plug might have stolen the headlines, but it wasn’t the only news announced by the company at CES 2021.

Also making waves is a new feature for the Caséta Smart Motion Sensors.

Of course, the sensor was already capable of setting timeouts and sensitivity levels, as well as in-app configuration. The new feature, however, lets users adjust timeout periods and sensitivity settings on the device itself. You just need to update the Lutron app on your smartphone to access the new tools.

There was also information about a new partnership between Ring and Lutron. Ring is arguably the leading smart doorbell maker in the work, so the news that Ring and Caséta can now work together is an exciting development. To make the integration work, you do not even need to leave the Lutron app.

The new partnership means you can set Lutron-controlled lights to turn on when motion is detected outside, turn on your front door and entry lights when someone rings your Ring doorbell, or even use advanced motion settings to create a customized light display when people arrive.

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