A couple who purchased their house without going to view it first was left stunned when they found a hidden room they weren’t told about.

TikToker Raine, who goes by Sissyhandshaw online, shared the discovery on TikTok in a video that has since been viewed almost 16 million times.

The 27-year-old explained that due to the coronavirus pandemic, she and her boyfriend didn’t want to travel unnecessarily to look at the house, so with her experience as a real estate agent, they felt comfortable putting in an offer without going to view it in person.

Raine said: “So because of the pandemic, we bought this house on the internet without ever seeing it before.

Raine's house on TikTok
The outside of the house

“When we finally saw it in person after two months of looking at it online, we realised that it had something really weird about it that we had not noticed from the 18 pictures we had stared at for, like, the past couple of months.”

Filming the exterior, she added: “The front of the house is like a house-shape, and the back has this tug-boaty, sticky-up situation which my office is in.”

But, there’s a section of the house with a pitched roof that the couple have no access to – or so they thought.

Raine's house on TikTok
They discovered a secret room

Raine filmed herself walking up the stairs to her office, as she said: “So you can go in here, I go in here every day, there’s a little closet. That’s about it. As you can see, there’s no access to the other part of the attic, at all, anywhere. This is my ceiling, my living room, dining room, bedroom, there’s no way to access the other part of the roof, which sticks up on the front of the house.”

She said “there’s no way to access this part of the house,” adding: “It has a window, it’s a real room with a locking window. Except for this.”

Raine then goes into the small wardrobe and shows her followers a panel on the wall, which, after being unscrewed, reveals another large room.

Raine's TikTok house
Raine doesn’t think they’re going to renovate the room

She said: “I just find it so interesting that there’s no access to this anywhere in the house. This wall that we entered through was new.

“There’s finished floors up here and I just think it’s so interesting they’d spend the money to finish the floors but not actually finish this room.

“While it does have new wiring in it, we also have a new roof, so someone’s been up here recently.

“All of this insulation is safe, our house has been inspected multiple times.

“I just think it’s interesting they put latching windows up here. I think these are really beautiful. There are many other houses in our area with this exact same floor plan, and their stairs are in a different place.

Raine's TikTok
There was a number of suggestions as to what it should be

“You have to enter through this weird tiny closet door which makes no sense to me, usually, the stairs are close to the front of the house so you have access to this area. But we don’t.”

Viewers were just as stunned by the discovery as the homeowners were – and many were keen to share their suggestions as to what the room could be.

One person said: “Seems like a sesh room to me.”


Whilst a third put: “Renovate it and make it a huge closet.”

Whereas someone else said: “Nahhh that was probably blocked off for a reason *cough cough* Demon ghost *cough cough*”.

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