Cricut cutters have always caught my attention, but my inexperience with the world of vinyl crafting and lack of space for a massive, printer-like machine kept me at bay. Enter the Cricut Joy, the perfect entry point for a stir-crazy novice like me.

When it comes to getting the creative juices flowing during quarantine, this Cricut Joy review explains why I’ve come to prefer precision cutting over nursing a sourdough starter or tie-dying half my closet. 

Cricut Joy price and availability

The Cricut Joy is available in craft stores and other major online retailers for $179.99. In addition to the machine, Cricut includes a cutting blade, fine point pen, grip mat and materials for making a practice cut in the box. Any other Cricut materials are an added cost (between $4 and $15 per item). You’ll want to make sure you’re purchasing Joy-specific materials, too.

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

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