After eliminating alcohol from their lives, some sober individuals exclusively date nondrinkers.

Outside traditional dating apps, are online platforms like 12StepMatch, Love in Recovery and Single and Sober where it’s understood that no one drinks. Loosid app, a sober social network that started in 2018, offers boozeless guides, chat groups and a sober dating platform.

A few months after connecting on Loosid, Margaret Cromwell, 34, a registered dietitian, and Arthur Amstead, 31, a financial sales consultant, made their relationship Facebook official in May 2019.

Ms. Cromwell and Mr. Amstead, who live together in Wayland, Mass., are both in recovery.

Before getting sober in October 2017, Ms. Cromwell described dating as unstable. She didn’t trust men. “There were much more highs and lows,” she said.

Mr. Amstead, who gave up alcohol in February 2018, was also displeased with his love life. “When it came to dating, it was more about drinking,” he said. “It just wasn’t fun anymore.”

Now, without booze, Mr. Amstead is focused on building his relationship. “The communication is 100 times better,” he said. “We might have little arguments, but we talk through it and figure out what the problem is for both of us and work upon that to create a better life.”

To further build their connection, the couple watch movies and go boating. They visit the zoo and cook at home, and they take weekend trips to Yellowstone National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Yosemite National Park and the Rocky Mountains. “We get to go to national parks, and I get to remember it,” Mr. Amstead said.

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