TLDR: The Entrepreneur’s 2.0 Digital Marketing Tools Bundle is a comprehensive guide to a host of strategies for successful online business building in 2020.

If you’re a business owner in 2020, you better have some ideas about how your product or service is going to capture attention online. If you haven’t thought through exactly how that will happen, you might want to put the brakes on everything until you do.

Optimized content can drive up an online blog post by 2000 percent. Almost 90 percent of marketers say adding video to online messaging led to a direct increase in their sales. And 86 percent of women will look at social media before deciding to make a purchase.

All those engagement opportunities are there for those savvy enough to take them — and will be lost for those foolish enough to ignore them. The training in The Entrepreneur’s 2.0 Digital Marketing Tools Bundle ($59.99, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals) explains the wild world of connecting with customers online and all the tools a smart business owner has to know to succeed there.

This collection features 11 courses covering all the platforms you did to consider as a marketing professional, including all the nuts and bolts of turning interested in a click, then converting that to an actual sale.

Courses like Successful Entrepreneurs 2.0: The Online Tools Guide and The Viral Marketing Profits System set the stage, laying out the free tools any digital boss can implement and manage to be more productive, efficient, and effective in their business.

The exploration branches out from there, reaching across the digital landscape into areas many managers never even consider. Canva Graphic Design for Beginners How-To Guide and Learn Graphic Design for Beginners in Crello offer beginner help to learn how to design graphics fast and easily while costing virtually nothing. Online Traffic Mastery explains how to set up your business for long-lasting free SEO traffic that can bring you over 2,300 visitors per day.

Meanwhile, Email Marketing Basic: A Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide including detailed instructions on how to build your first email list, communicate powerfully with your audience, and convert readers into buyers. And if you’ve never understood how chatbots work, Learn Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing with Manychat breaks it all down, illuminating this new way to communicate with your clients online.

All this knowledge and training can help any entrepreneur form a smart, grounded digital marketing strategy ensuring their business the best chance at success. A $2,200 package of instruction, this collection is on sale now for about $5 per course, only $59.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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