Guest Blog: Dominic Garfield On HighRise Theatre's Grime Rave LIL.MISS.LADY

Listen, let’s be honest. What even is theatre anymore? Whether you make shows for audiences or create participation projects with young people and communities, the world has changed, the artistic world has changed, and the making of community-led, inclusive, and truly diverse theatre and live events is more challenging than it has ever been.

HighRise feel all of this and say NO THANKS. It’s time to f**k sh*t up!!!

Our work has traditionally broken the barriers of what is expected of audience members, thrusting them into a world that we and our communities are comfortable and familiar with. Raves. Grime raves, to be particular, and spaces that bend the rules of society and offer a communal experience less rigid and sterile than traditional theatre.

How do we make sure these things exist and continue during this pandemic? When venues and event spaces are forced to close their doors or offer socially distanced events? How do we keep our community engaged and inspired? How do we create the rave environment of dancefloors with sweaty shoulders touching, partying with one communal focus – the DJ?

It’s testing times. Back in the lab with a new design and robust map of audience experience. New set, new location and new tune selection. New Tech, a show live on Zoom – we didn’t even know what Zoom was eight months ago.

Guest Blog: Dominic Garfield On HighRise Theatre's Grime Rave LIL.MISS.LADY

On Friday (23 October) we offer a live, online experience unlike anything else in the industry, with a combination of actual footage from the show, mixed with a newly curated history of Grime set, broadcast live from a secret venue in north-west London to the world for one night only. This means we can keep our work immersive and groundbreaking, giving our audiences an experience where they can constantly interact with the story, the music and the characters.

What can audiences expect, then? Nostalgic, old-school garage and grime bangers, mixed live with a total online rave experience. Audiences have the opportunity to get a reload on all their favourite tracks, get a shout out from our MCs, enter numerous rooms and dialogue with all the characters from the show.

We’ve gone all out to make this the most dynamic and entertaining online experience offered in theatre. This ain’t a stream of a National Theatre production with all its investment and polish. This is underground theatre, this is grime, and the Lil.Miss.Lady event on Friday will bring the fire, straight to your yards.

Please join us from 8pm on Friday, get dressed up in your early Noughties clobber and get those gunfingaz ready for the biggest online event of the year! Times are challenging, so we want to offer each and every person that has taken the time to watch the show a unique opportunity during this madness pandemic. To enter a world of laughs, heavy bass and thought-provoking storytelling with a communal mission. To celebrate Grime, its women and the culture that has reshaped the look of Britain.

Find out more about Lil.Miss.Lady here

Photo credit: Camilla Greenwell

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