Half of the six proposals that went before the La Jolla Development Permit Review Committee were approved during the board’s Oct. 20 meeting online. The other three will return later for a vote.

The first item approved was a project to demolish a garage in the Beach Barber Tract area and build a garage/workshop and companion unit above it. The second was a “simple” lot line adjustment in the Muirlands area, and the third consisted of minor changes to the group’s bylaws.

Bonair Street development

Applicant representative Joshua Renner said the project in the Beach Barber Tract calls for a coastal development permit to demolish a detached garage and carport and construct an 873-square-foot, two-car garage/workshop, a carport and a 1,118-square-foot companion unit above and a deck at 420 Bonair St.

There would be no changes to the existing single-story main residence, and the majority of work would be to the alley-facing garage.

“This is a fairly established neighborhood … with a lot of landscaping on the properties themselves,” said Renner, who added that mature established trees would remain.

Following a discussion about enclosing the carport to make it a garage, he said “the owner has elected not to do that,” but it will be included in the 0.63 floor area ratio (a building’s total floor area relative to the size of its lot).

“The only thing not included in the FAR is the open deck above the carport,” Renner said.

A motion that findings can be made in support of the project passed unanimously.

Muirlands lot adjustment

A “simple” lot line adjustment was heard on a preliminary basis, but any project that goes before the board as preliminary can be considered a final review by a unanimous vote.

Such was the case for a project seeking a coastal development permit for a lot line adjustment between parcels at 1425 and 1491 Buckingham Drive, each of which has a single-family dwelling, to increase the size of the parcel at 1425 Buckingham by 2,700 square feet.

“The two properties are side by side, and the applicant is moving a common boundary line by 12 feet,” said Mike Pallamary, presenting for the applicant. “It would be a small expansion [of one property] because my clients want more yard. It’s a simple and basic lot line adjustment.”

Jennifer McIlvaine Landa, who lives on the parcel that would be expanded, said she wants to adjust the lot line because the pool area is “extremely narrow” and has a “high wall” and that getting the additional space “allows us more breathing room.” She said the neighbors who just purchased the adjacent property were willing to adjust the lot line.

A motion to make the preliminary review final and that findings can be made to support the project passed unanimously.

Bylaw changes

Proposed changes to the DPR bylaws to make them more in line with the La Jolla Community Planning Association — its parent organization — were approved. The current bylaws outline procedures on the assumption that the board has 10 members and all of them are present.

For example, the current bylaws state a number of trustees needed to vote to elect a chairperson. The proposal would change that to indicate a majority must participate. The changes are intended to be a percentage of however many board members there are, rather than provide a specific number.

A motion to push the recommended changes forward to the LJCPA passed 5-2. DPR trustees Mike Costello and Angeles Leira dissented, questioning whether they are necessary.

Coming back

Three projects slated for preliminary review will return at future meetings, with no set dates.

One is a project to remodel a one-story, 2,638-square-foot single-family residence and build a 1,846-square-foot second-story addition with a roof deck at 6715 Neptune Place.

Another is a project on a single lot that contains two detached residences at 414 and 416 Nautilus St. Plans are to convert a 263-square-foot room over a 449-square-foot detached garage into a companion unit and make a 104-square-foot addition to an existing companion unit.

The third project would build a new 535-square-foot detached dwelling on a lot with an existing 2,100-square-foot, two-story apartment building at 305 Bonair St.

The La Jolla Development Permit Review Committee meets the second and third Tuesdays of each month. The next meeting is Nov. 10. Learn more at lajollacpa.org. ◆

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