This Valley holiday decoration business is thriving despite the COVID-19 pandemic, making properties sparkle and shine.

PHOENIX — In a year where we can all use a little extra holiday cheer, a team of elves is working around the clock to make magic right now.

Heather Lundervold’s holiday decorating game is serious and on point.

Her thriving design team, Elves to the Rescue, has been making Arizona homes and businesses sparkle for the holidays for two decades, even during a pandemic.

“Actually I’m busier this year than I was last year,” Lundervold said. “We did 62 homes plus the resort here last year. So we’re going to be doing more than that.”

Places like the Wigwam have been returning to Elves to the Rescue year after year.

“Provide experiences to our guests and community for something for them to look forward to throughout the holidays season,” the Wigwam’s Jenna Sullivan said. 

Shining for all to see during the holidays takes behind the scenes work too. Future designers attend Lundervold’s online design school.

“The Christmas Design Institute,” she said. “I do train my staff as well on how to decorate and then I employ them for the season.”

She also stores decorations — a lot of them.

“I live at the North Pole, that is my house,” Lundervold said. “We have a complete garage full of all our rentals, and all kinds of different décor.”

Clients personalize their own designs. There are rustic looks like the Wigwam’s and more contemporary options.

“Whatever you want,” she said. “So it’s really fun for my clients to see what they want to pick out for the next year.”

Lundervold says she brings the magic around any budget.

“I’ve done $20,000 jobs, I’ve done $100 jobs,” Lundervold said. “It literally just depends on what you’re needing.”

It’s an Arizona small business owner grateful for this season more than ever.

“It’s just been really a lot of fun, actually, in the midst of not so fun times,” she said. 

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