EMAs encourage residents to pay attention to local storm alerts

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – Our county EMAs are already preparing for what could come tomorrow, and we want you to be ready too.

The first step to being prepared is making sure you know when it’s time to take shelter. And when the alarm sounds, you need to be ready.

“Having that notification especially for tornado warnings or flood warnings and such are very important to have that notice, to prepare, and get you safe, your family to safety…,” said Amylia Lester with Burke County EMA.

Like most of our counties, Burke County EMA is taking extra precautions for tomorrow.

“Today we have all 12 of our stations which are fire and EMS stations to prepare their chainsaws and make sure they are prepared to respond in case there are downed trees and things of that nature.”


Burke, Columbia, and Aiken counties do not have a tornado siren system, so they say the best way to know when to head for your safe room is by signing up for county alerts.

“….Knowing where your safe room is very important,” Lester said. “On the lowest level of your home, in an interior room and having that notice, getting that call to say there’s a tornado coming in your area, go ahead and get in your safe space — can save lives.”

Most of our local counties use the CodRed alert system. The county is able to send severe weather alerts straight to your phone.

But before you can receive the alerts you must register.

“If we do have a message we need to get out. We can use it similar to the reverse 911 system and make our own calls, send messages too,” Lester explained.

Richmond County does have active tornado sirens. So, when you hear those sounds, you know it’s time to find a secure area.

Emergency officials also say you should also prepare by securing outdoor objects that could be blown in high winds and find your safe room.

If you live in a home that is vulnerable, seek out another location before the storm comes in.

You can sign for the CodeRed system or if you live in the Edgefield County area, you can sign up for their alert system online.

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Wednesday November 2, 2022