Yes, we talked Xbox earlier this week, but that was before Microsoft revealed when you can pre-order the Series X (on September 22nd), the fact that it’s adding EA Play (home of Need for Speed Heat and the FIFA series) to Xbox Game Pass and what extra storage options there are for the entry-level Series S console. 

There was a whole bunch of announcements. Presumably, yesterday was when the company wanted to reveal all the Xbox goodness, only to be spoiled by leaks on Monday. The bottom line for a lot of us: Xbox Series S offers incredible value for next-gen gamers.

Devindra, who wrote that story, has a point. I had zero interest in the Microsoft console, but $300 and a gamer pass subscription is a compelling argument, even alongside my new PS5, which I’ll buy regardless of the price. I have feelings on consoles: I’m going to fight it out with Devindra on the Engadget podcast later today. 

— Mat

Motorola’s 5G Razr is better than the original in almost every way

It wasn’t a high bar to clear.


We didn’t get the perfect foldable from Motorola the first time around, so here’s the brand new Razr, with a modified design, 5G and fixes for at least some of the issues the first model was notorious for. Chris Velazco says it’s still not a flagship phone, and at $1,400, he’s not sure it’s a great deal either. But for people who want an extremely pocket-friendly foldable that’s also usable while closed, Motorola just might be on the right track. Continue reading.

Google’s latest app lets influencers make money hosting online events

It’s available now in the US and Canada.


Fundo, Google’s new app, allows YouTubers and other social media goliaths to set up internet meet and greets and workshops with their fans. It gives hosts full control over how much it costs to attend an event, allowing them to offer free tickets if they so choose.  

The software takes care of most of the logistics — including ticketing and livestreaming — so those influencers don’t have to use multiple apps just to get their fans on the same video call.  While it all might seem like a response to the coronavirus pandemic, Area 120’s work on the software actually predates the current situation by a couple of years. Continue reading.

We reviewed a $70 fitness watch

How bad could it be?

Bop S

Dana Wollman, Engadget Editor-in-Chief, runner and Apple Watch reviewer, tests out the Bop S, a $70 running watch with compromises. Fortunately, it excels in the areas that matter most — namely, accurate GPS tracking, heart-rate monitoring and long battery life. Continue reading.

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