SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Before the Fourth of July many are spending their money on fireworks but what about decorations?

Though you’re using most of your money to purchase big explosions you might want to buy decorations for the tables you’re using.

We’ve listed five decorations you can buy for cheap to help make your Fourth of July light up.

1. Little American Flags

What’s more patriotic than the American Flag? Nothing! You can purchase small American Flags and have them either planted next to your table or have them in a cup on your table. You can buy them in many different places and for decent prices.

2. Fourth of July table covers

With it being a big day for the U.S.A. you may not want to use the normal park table like you but on something more festive and on something to help keep everything cleaner.

3. Centerpieces

Of course to complete your red, white and blue table you need something to go in the middle of the table to help keep the explosiveness of your decorations.

4. Utensils and Plates

At your Fourth of July event, you’re not only working on creating a great fireworks show but also a big meal. Well if you want to make sure to keep the festivities going after they grab their food here are some cheap and Fourth of July plates and utensils you can buy.

5. Decorative stars

The American flag is filled with stars and stripes. So, what better way to decorate for the Fourth of July than to add some stars of your own.

These are just five items you cheap and easy decorations use can use to make your table explode with patriotism.

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