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road trips

There is little to doubt that the Covid-19 Second Wave is now in full force. In this kind of scenario, nearly the entire country is in some kind of lockdown or curfew. The result is that we are restricted to be indoors once again. While we are sure the majority of the time is spent working from home, but what to do after working hours? We are sure that just like us, you too are missing those weekend rides/drives and seeing those lovely machines parked up is nothing short of being painful. But look at it this way; staying home today will ensure you get to ride those machines again. But the question is how do petrol heads deal with such a situation? Here are five things to do which might just pacify those needs.

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Do not forget about your vehicle. Keep doing periodic checks and make sure that it is ready when you need it.

Don’t park and forget

Your cars and bikes need attention even when not in use. So it is wise to give them a check once every few days. In case you have a personal garage, things will be easier for you. But if you are a resident of an apartment complex make sure you mask up before stepping into the garage area. Check if the vehicle has been messed around with or not. Has it moved from its place? Are all accessories there? We are all aware of unscrupulous characters who love to pen a scratch on the body work or those who would graciously accept you vehicle cover. So give the vehicle a visual check. Considering all things are alright, start up the vehicle and let it idle. Do not wring the throttle! This will also give you an idea of the battery charge status. If the vehicle is not cranking the battery will need a recharge and having a charger at home is advisable. It is a simple device and available online. The next thing to do is to move the vehicle forward and backward to avoid flat spots on the tyres. Pump up the tyres if they are sagging. While there is no need for a cleanup, doing so is not harmful especially if you have not done so while storing the vehicle. Also make sure that your vehicle is not under siege of rodents.

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Glance through the engine bay and check for rodent infestation. Also start up your vehicle and let it idle till it reaches optimum temperature. This will also rejuvenate the battery.

Keep fit

This is a rather controversial topic to delve in. Keeping fit involves activities which can be done within the confines of your home. We will not recommend going out cycling at the moment and hence some freehand exercises should do wonders. Also keep happy by eating well while keeping calories under check. Always remember that riding a bike or driving a car for long periods demand a good deal of fitness. So stay fit!

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Now is the time to start planning for that epic road trip. Plan the route, costs, stayovers, distances etc. This will keep you motivated and you will look forward to the good times ahead. It will also help keep mental peace.

Plan for your next road trip

Each one of us is yearning for those long trips. We all are missing seeing the hills, highways and even missing out our favorite chai shops. Instead of sulking over it, plan for your next grand outing. This is the time when you can make all those calculations on time, distance and even cost. So for example, if riding to Ladakh is your dream, start planning! Get the route in order first and zoom into practical distances for the day. Then list out the things you will need to do to get your motorcycle fighting fit and ready for the trip. Thereafter, calculate costs etc. It is also advisable to get online and chat with friends and groups who have been there and done that. Take their suggestions and this way you will be able to plan better. This will keep you engrossed and the more you see the good things in life, your mental health will improve, and you will conjure up the will to stay indoors for a better time outdoor tomorrow.

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Learn basic maintenance skills. DIY guides are available online.

Learn technical bits about your machines

Now is the time to increase your technical knowledge. Start scouring the internet to learn more things about your ride. If you are a biker and planning for a road trip, you should be aware of making road side repairs. Things like how to change a clutch cable, how to bleed the brakes, how to repair a puncture, how to change a headlight bulb are all such topics. Also, it is a good idea to plan for a set of tools which will enable you to carry out these repairs. Over time and many rides we have learnt that these small issues can cause havoc to a rider. So increase your DIY knowledge.

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Give your riding gear a thorough once over. Replace items if necessary.

Get your riding gear rejuvenated

Considering that you are not riding or driving at the moment, get your motoring paraphernalia in order. This mainly concerns our biker friends who wear proper gear including riding jackets, helmets, gloves, shoes etc. cleaning these protective elements demands care and attention. One has to literally dismantle them and outcome the protective elements. The helmet requires special care and cleaning it is a task in itself. So take this opportunity to keep yourself busy and learn the tricks of the trade.

In all keep yourself busy doing things you like to do. Get involved and learn new things. This way you will be able to keep not just physically fit but also mentally strong. Here is to your next big drive or ride.

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