CLEVELAND, Ohio – Greetings and salutations, Cleveland Browns fans from around the world, and welcome back. It’s time once again for a weekly feature that has become far more popular over the past couple of months than at any previous time in history, mostly because it was only created a couple of months ago – it’s time for Four Saturday Mocks. As we enter the heart of draft season, everyone is beginning to have opinions on various prospects for the Browns, various prospects not for the Browns, and whether or not putting pineapple on pizza should lead straight to the electric chair.

It’s a tumultuous time in American history.

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Since we’re still pre-Free Agency and have yet to learn what moves Andrew Berry and the Lambda Lambda Browns will or will not make in that annual NFL shopping bonanza, the opportunity for widely varying approaches to mock drafts still exists. Once we see where the team decides to spend a bunch of money (or if they even do decide to spend a bunch of money), we as a fan base will have a better idea of what position groups are still in need of being addressed, and the early draft targets should at least narrow somewhat. As of today though, it’s the Wild West in Browns Mockland, as there are legitimately half a dozen positions one could easily make a solid case for attacking in the Top 100. Luckily, it appears that most of those positions will have prospects that match up to the relative value of their selection.

As always, please let us know which of the following four mock drafts, created on four separate online mock draft simulators, is your favorite. Also, don’t hesitate to do your own mock draft on whichever simulator you prefer, and share your results with us in the comments or in The OBR Forums – which if you don’t visit, are always teeming with a discussion about the draft and everything else Cleveland Browns. (The premium forums are also filled with tremendous insider content from Lane & Brad, and with Free Agent season ramping up, you’re going to want to take advantage of the 50% off subscriber deal, one that also gets your access to Paramount + and their entire streaming catalog, which ends soon. GO! DO IT! NOW!)

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