A Genshin Impact fan has gone out of their way to fix Amber by giving her the ultimate ability of Overwatch’s Hanzo in an amusing mockup.

A Genshin Impact fan has brought it upon themselves to fix Amber, one of the characters players first get access to in the game, by swapping her the ultimate ability with that of Overwatch’s Hanzo in a pretty impressive mockup. Amber is currently considered by many as one of the worst characters in the game due to the limitations of her abilities, which include a doll that draws the attention of enemies as well as her ultimate that rains fire arrows over a small area.

Even though Amber is one of the game’s first playable characters, developer MiHoYo has yet to do anything significant to make her more viable in spite of her obvious shortcomings. The company recently released an update that buffed Zhongli, one of the game’s most popular characters, as well as the entire Geo character category so it’s not as if making Amber stronger by modifying or outright changing her kit is impossible. But it wouldn’t be surprising if MiHoYo is more focused on newer and more popular characters, such as the aforementioned Zhongli.

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Reddit user ihateSUKKO recently shared his Amber mockup on the Genshin Impact subreddit, which shows Amber shooting Hanzo’s ultimate that consists of two swirling spirit dragons. For the mockup, ihateSUKKO used the red version of Hanzo’s ultimate, the form that Overwatch players see when enemy Hanzos use their ult, making it fit Amber’s fiery red theme nicely. On the other hand, two dragons don’t really fit Amber’s rabbit theme, which consists of a red ribbon that resembles bunny ears and her doll that’s actually named Baron Bunny, among other things.

Notably, Hanzo’s Lone Wolf or Okami skins, which actually include wolf headdresses, change his ultimate from two spirit dragons to two wolves to better fit the theme of the skin. So changing it again for Amber to feature two spirit bunnies swirling forward would not only be more apt for her but also incredibly amusing to see.

While it’s highly unlikely that MiHoYo would actually give Hanzo’s ult to Amber, it’s good to see that fans still want to see the Pyro archer become stronger in some way, although changing her ultimate may not be enough to help her match up against some of the game’s better characters. Fans of Amber can only hope that MiHoYo will finally listen to their pleas and buff her so players of Genshin Impact may finally utilize her more in their parties.

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Source: ihateSUKKO/Reddit

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