By Bev O’Shea

The holiday season is getting closer — and wallets lighter. Still, there are unpurchased gifts left on your list. Here’s how to come up with presents that will delight recipients without blowing up your budget.

Resist the temptation to throw caution to the wind because you’re just so tired of waiting for 2020 to be over and debt seems overwhelming anyway. “Whatever you are planning to pay for with an overspent credit card will be forgotten come Jan. 15,” says Mary Hunt, author and Everyday Cheapskate blogger. “I promise you that. But you will have created a debt that may last a lifetime.”

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Try Noncash Shopping

If the issue is cash flow now, consider a small gift that you pay for later. A card entitling the bearer to coffee, dinner or ice cream to celebrate the end of social distancing can give you both something to look forward to, says Jillian Johnsrud, who coaches clients on achieving financial independence and lives that reflect their values.

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