Bringing in a few more dollars each month can make a difference, especially if you’re living on a fixed budget. Finding ways to earn extra cash in retirement often takes a bit of time and creativity.

Here are some ideas to make money in retirement:


  • Assist the elderly.
  • Share your vehicle.
  • Put pictures up for sale.
  • Care for pets.
  • Fix and resell items.
  • Help with websites.
  • Assist local sports.
  • Assemble furniture.
  • Volunteer to get connected.
  • Babysit.
  • Deliver items.
  • Sell at a farmers market.
  • Start a gardening service.
  • Offer handyman services.
  • Work at an apartment community.
  • Be a notary.
  • Do graphic design work.
  • Tutor students.
  • Be a mock juror.
  • Help with research.
  • Be a local tour guide.
  • Sell jewelry.
  • Use these ideas to help you start upping your retirement income.

    Declutter and Sell

    Old phones, used bikes, electronics and any other gear you no longer use can be posted on sites like Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp. Include a photo, description of the item, its current condition and the price. If you give priority to those who show interest first, you can often make a quick sale.

    Assist the Elderly

    Look on your community website for listings that request helping a senior. This might involve taking care of housework or shopping for an elderly individual. “If you once worked with numbers or bookkeeping, there are opportunities to help seniors pay their bills a few times a month,” says Mark Charnet, founder and CEO of American Prosperity Group in Pompton Plains, New Jersey.

    Share Your Vehicle

    Car sharing platforms like Turo and Avail connect car owners with drivers who want to rent a car. After signing up, you can lend your car to others and receive a payment for sharing the vehicle. Insurance is typically provided by these services.

    Put Pictures Up for Sale

    If you have a passion for photography, you can upload your photos to a digital platform where they can be sold to others. Start by signing up at a site like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock or Fotomoto. You’ll receive a portion of the proceeds from the sales.

    Care for Pets

    Walk dogs in your neighborhood or sign up with a pet sitting service such as Rover. You can watch pets while their owners are away and get paid for your time.

    Fix and Resell Items

    Scout your neighborhood for gadgets, furniture and appliances others want to discard. Refurbish broken items and then put them up for sale in your garage or through eBay.

    Help With Websites

    If you’re skilled with computers and technology, offer your services to companies that have some or all of their operations online. “More people working at home means these skills are in greater demand and many can be done remotely,” says Tanya Peterson, vice president of brand with Freedom Financial Network in San Mateo, California.

    Assist Local Sports

    Sign up to be an umpire or referee for games held in your town. You might also consider working as a game announcer, concession stand seller or ticket taker at the gate.

    Assemble Furniture

    A company will send you pieces that you can put together, often right in your own home. You then ship the furniture back to the firm and receive a paycheck for your work.

    Volunteer to Get Connected

    While serving as a volunteer won’t bring in income, it may lead you to other income-earning opportunities. “During a volunteering position, you may meet someone who could offer you a paid position,” Charnet says.


    If you have experience with child care, you can help parents who work during the day and want a place for their child to stay. You might also pick up babysitting hours after school, during evenings or on the weekends.

    Deliver Items

    Sign up with a delivery service like Postmates. Using your vehicle, you can deliver packages and other purchased items to homes in your area.

    Sell at a Farmers Market

    Grow your own produce and set up a stand at a local farmers market. You might also be able to sell other food items like homemade cheeses, beverages, jams and syrups.

    Start a Gardening Service

    If you have a green thumb, advertise in your neighborhood that you’re available for lawn tending services. You can mow lawns, plant flowerbeds and help design outdoor areas.

    Offer Handyman Services

    Register at sites like Thumbtack or TaskRabbit to be a freelance handyman. You can determine how many hours you want to work and will get paid for your maintenance services.

    Work at an Apartment Community

    Reach out to an apartment community office to see if any help is needed. “Apartment communities often need less than full-time help in a variety of areas and can benefit from a retiree’s accumulated life experience,” says Jonas Bordo, CEO and co-founder of Dwellsy in the San Francisco Bay area. You might be able to assist with leasing and renting units, making repairs or overseeing bookkeeping needs.

    Be a Notary

    Apply through your state and carry out any necessary steps to be a notary. Then sign up at platforms like Notarize, and you can notarize documents to help others with legal processes.

    Do Graphic Design Work

    If you’re familiar with programs like Photoshop or have a background in graphic design, look for graphic design work. You can offer to work remotely and pick up gigs through sites like Designhill and Naukri.

    Tutor Students

    Use your background or career knowledge to help younger people who want to learn. You can tutor students in person or online to assist them as they prepare for tests and exams.

    Be a Mock Juror

    You can get paid to help others prepare for legal cases. You may be asked to watch videos, read through documents and fill out questionnaires. You’ll be compensated for your participation.

    Help with Research

    Look online for research companies and fill out a form to be included in their database. “They will send you surveys from time to time,” says Kayleigh Duggan, senior marketing client manager at ThoughtLab in Atlanta. If your answers match up with research they are carrying out, you could be included in an in-person or remote market research study. Ask about pay before participating. “All companies are different, as are the opportunities and compensation amounts,” Duggan says.

    Be a Local Tour Guide

    If you’re knowledgeable about your region or city, you can apply to be a local tour guide. You’ll get to meet people and share information about your area.

    Sell Jewelry

    Sites like Worthy allow you to auction fine jewelry. Learn the value of family heirlooms you no longer want or rings you don’t wear anymore, and then sell them through a jewelry marketplace.

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