Although most of our travel expenses are paid for by using rewards points, other expenses are paid for with cash. Additional costs include food, attraction and event tickets, souvenirs and more. We tend to use points for larger trips, opting to pay for weekend getaways and shorter road trips with cash.

Large family travel gets costly. We had our share of struggles paying for vacations in the past until we created a separate travel fund. We budget money each month for travel and transfer it to a separate bank account. That way, it doesn’t get mixed up with everyday funds or other savings goals. Plus, we can see our progress by tracking it online or through the bank’s app.

By budgeting money specifically for travel, we ensure that we have money set aside to book our trips without stretching our everyday budget.

If you have trouble finding room in your current budget for travel, you may need to find other ways to make money. Starting a side hustle or picking up a temporary part-time job could be exactly what you need to afford to take your large family on vacation. Think about any skills or talents you have that you can use to make money. Before going full-time, freelance writing was my side hustle. We used most of my writing income to pay for multiple family trips. The list of side hustle ideas is almost endless.

Tax refund checks and work bonuses are also great ways to build your travel fund quickly. If your current job offers overtime, why not work a few extra hours each week to pay for future travel?

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