When are you eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine? California has launched a new system, My Turn, that tells you exactly that.

At myturn.ca.gov, you can sign up now to find out if you are eligible. An appointment sign-up feature is currently limited to Los Angeles and San Diego counties, but will be available statewide by early February, state officials said.

Under the system, Californians will also be notified when they are due for a second dose of the vaccine, state health officials said. An app will also launch soon.

The announcement comes as the state moves to an age-based approach for vaccine prioritization.

“Californians were understandably confused by mixed messages, variability of eligibility across the state, when it’s my turn, who’s going next,” Government Operations Secretary Yolanda Richardson said Tuesday. “We want to make sure that nothing slows down the administration of vaccine other than the pace in which vaccine arrives in the state.”

That pace remains an issue.

Estimates predicted that it would take nearly a year to vaccinate half of all Californians, or roughly 20 million people, at the current rate of vaccination.

President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that the federal government will increase deliveries to states by about 16% for the next three weeks, and that it is working to buy enough vaccine to cover 300 Americans by early fall.

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