Photo credit: HGTV
Photo credit: HGTV

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Jasmine Roth is back with her new show Help! I Wrecked My House and already we’re obsessed. The HGTV series follows the California designer as she helps families whose DIY home projects and repairs turned into… well, DIY disasters. Not only does she bring success to these failed reno projects, but she gives their space a major style upgrade.

Between this new series and her many years in the home design industry, Roth has seen her fair share of renovation projects gone awry. We asked the HGTV star to name some typical projects that no matter how many tutorials or videos consumed, the average homeowner should never attempt without a professional. “Electrical and plumbing,” she tells House Beautiful.

“They may seem like things that would be a lot less expensive if you did it yourself, but at the end of the day, you really need to have a professional do [these projects] because it’s dangerous, like really dangerous,” she says. Roth goes on to explain the repercussions of a shoddy electrical or plumbing job.

“Obviously, if electrical is done wrong, you could electrocute yourself or burn your house down. [And if] plumbing is done wrong, you could flood your whole house,” she continues. She gives the example of how installing a gas lantern may seem like a simple task, but if it’s done wrong, “it could blow up your whole house.”

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The best projects homeowners always should tackle solo? Roth suggests painting and carpentry.

In fact, painting in your home by yourself, allows you to make “some things so much fresher, newer and totally different,” she says. “I also think carpentry is something that, depending on your patience level, you can get into and start small and just kind of grow… and learn things from online videos and HGTV.”

To see Roth in action and meet some of her clients who were just a little too ambitious with their home home projects, you can catch Help! I Wrecked My House every Saturday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV.

Need more Jasmine Roth? She’s also currently renting out her Huntington Beach house (yes, really!) on Airbnb.

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