There’s a lot of things about 2020 that most people would like to forget, but for Halloween enthusiasts, one of the most welcome surprises was The Home Depot unveiling a 12-foot skeleton, as it would go on to become a viral hit. Not only were people fans of the prop in the spooky season, but a number of photos went viral featuring fans repurposing the skeleton for the holidays, proving it to be a delightful year-round decoration. Fans who weren’t able to snag one last year are in luck, with Home Depot confirming that the 12-foot skeleton is making a comeback this year, alongside the all-new “Inferno Pumpkin” variant. Both skeletons, and the rest of The Home Depot’s Halloween collection, goes on sale on their website on Friday, July 16th.

Home Depot did make some upgrades to the prop this year, giving it a plug that will allow owners to keep it powered for longer stretches of time. The original skeleton runs for $299.99 while the Inferno Pumpkin variant will cost $349.99. Both versions feature creepy LCD “LifeEyes” to make the monsters come to life.

The original skeleton quickly sold out at most Home Depot locations, only for third-party sellers to distribute them at a major mark-up. Anyone interested in snagging either skeleton should set their alarms for July 16th to make sure they don’t miss out this time around.

home depot big skeleton 12 foot halloween
(Photo: The Home Depot)

“Our team was excited to bring the 12-foot skeleton to market this year and we knew it would get some attention, but we are blown away by customers’ enthusiasm. It’s been awesome to see the reactions online and in stores,” a Home Depot representative shared with Input last year. “Our Holiday team was inspired by visiting several haunted houses and seeing what concepts sent members of the team running away. We then created the concept in an ideation session, where we wanted to see how big was truly big!”

home depot big skeleton 12 foot halloween pumpkin inferno
(Photo: The Home Depot)

For those who might not have room for the massive prop, Home Depot has a number of other exciting decorations this year, including inflatables and animated figures that feature spooky original designs, as well as some that honor our favorite characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Head to The Home Depot’s website on Friday, July 16th to score your very own 12-foot skeleton.

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