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Finland is generally a safe country, but you can never be too careful.

This stuff you’ll find there is the modern version of home security. However, in the past people had a slightly different idea about how to keep their home safe‚Ķ.


There are several things you don’t want in your house, burglars, mice, evil spirits.

Burglars can be kept out with an alarm. Nice can be kept out with traps. But how do you keep evil spirits out of your house?

In the past, what many people did was put statues by their front door. These statues were usually religious and portrayed biblical figures or symbols. By putting these by your door, you would be repelling the evil spirits who wanted to get inside your mind and make you do unspeakable things, such as showing your ankles or having a cheeseburger.


You want to keep the demons out, and the luck in! And one way that people liked to bring luck into their house was by hanging a horseshoe on the door. Some people still do this, but today, it’s more for decoration than security.

Horseshoes were seen as good luck, as the people who made them would often be making a lot of money. Because of this, people thought that having a horseshoe would bring good luck to them.


As well as evil spirits, another kind of beast that you don’t want in your house is the witch. But witches are a little bit more difficult to keep out of your house than evil spirits are.

To get rid of witches you’ll need a pair of shoes.

But you can’t just leave the shoes by your door, to keep the witches out, you’ll need to make sure you build the house with the shoes built into the walls.

Several houses from the Tudor times have been found with shoes in the walls, and historians believe this was done to keep the witches out.


If you were one of the many people who couldn’t afford a statue to keep the evil spirits out, you would need to use plants instead.

In the past, many people believed that certain plants had magical abilities that enabled them to repel evil spirits. By having these plants in your front garden, you would be able to have an evil spirit free home, without having to fork out enough money for a statue.

Of course, there’s no denying that these plants do look lovely, which is probably why evil spirits don’t like them too much.


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