A home for sale has been described as “a beautiful time capsule to 1970” thanks to an interior belonging to another era – and it’s really dividing opinion online.

The property in Washington, US, is on the market for a little over £300,000 ($425,000) boasting three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

From the street, the bungalow looks fairly ordinary but photos of the interior have gathered plenty of attention on social media thanks to its throwback decor.

It features patterned wallpaper, shag carpets and bright tiles, as well as one room converted into a bar complete with pink chairs, green carpet, and different paper on each wall – all of which feels like you’ve been transported back in time.

The bar
It houses a bar and a sunken hot tub

A room with gold wallpaper and a purple carpet
There is bright wallpaper and shag carpets throughout

One room has been decorated with a bright red shag carpet and a busy floral patterned wallpaper, while another contains clashing floral patterns on both the walls and floor.

Other wallpaper includes butterflies in the bathroom, a geometric flower design in the utility room, and a gold pattern in a reception room.

The description for the listing on Zillow reads: “A beautiful time capsule to 1970. With amazing, bright wallpaper, shag carpet, sunken hot tub and your own bar, this home was an entertainer’s dream come true.

“On just under 1/2 of an acre in a town with a large shop and 2 other outbuildings, there’s room to store all your toys, big and small.”

Another room with floral wallpaper and red carpet
One person said the interior was “way too much everything”

Photo were shared on the Facebook page Zillow Gone Wild where members were left torn over the look.

Some were all for it, as one person commented to say: “Even though it’s very dated, I feel like you could easily make it look amazing without changing everything. Definitely some elements worth preserving in here!”

A second wrote: “I kinda love it. I absolutely would remove at least most of the wallpaper and all of the carpet but it has a sort of chaos happening that is weirdly appealing.”

And a third said: “Absolutely perfect time capsule. Hollywood location scouts need an APB out on this house.”

Some were a little more unsure, saying: “I like a lot of these elements, individually, like as an accent wall. But that’s way too much everything.”

And others were fiercely against it, as one joked: “In 1979, someone could not decide what wallpaper in the sample book to pick. And so, harmony be damned, they picked ALL OF IT.”

A second commented: “The deeper I got on this, the worse it became. My goodness, not a single thing even remotely went with the stuff around it.”

You can see the full listing on Zillow here.

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